12 truths about astrology that will change your mind … Astrology is a science and an art!

Here are some very interesting statistics that will definitely surprise you. Science gives many arguments against astrology, claiming that the genetic characteristics developed from conception, not birth. However, if without the sun there would be no wildlife, no impact on the lunar fluid would not have tides, how is it that planets have no impact on the lives of individuals?

1. Seventy-five percent of astrology readers are women, according to one study.

2. Astrologers claim that the Moon has the same effect on humans as it does in the ocean. If the moon can affect high tide, can not affect the human body, which consists of 75% water. The moon is also associated with the induction of deep emotions and people when emotionally distraught leads to tears. Moon phases also affect women’s monthly menstrual cycles.

3. One-third of Americans believe in astrology. Managers and professionals are the fastest growing group of believers.

4. After the assassination of former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy hired an astrologer to still forecasts its future.

5. The most famous astrologer Nostradamus, who predicted events, such as the second world war, assassination of US President Kennedy and Đona, attack on the World Trade Center.

6. Search for astrology on Google.com brings to nearly 2 million Web sites.

7. zodiac is an originally natural agricultural calendar dating back to harvesting, transport, etc. of the rising and setting of the star (especially Sirius) and Plejada or other recognized constellations.

8. Kepler, astrological college in Seattle, USA, is the first institution in the western hemisphere to issue BA and MA levels astrological studies. The first school began in 2000 and cost about $ 5,000 a year, and consists of a home studio with a week-long gathering. The college is named after Joanes Kepler, the famous German mathematician and astronomer who also practiced astrology.

9. Word, astrology and horoscopes are the most requested topics on the Internet, according to a research searchterms.com.

10. Astrology is a science and an art. Requires understanding of mathematics and astronomy. It is an art because the interpretation is necessary to adopt different aspects together and shape individual preferences.

11. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic popes were thoroughly familiar with astrology: Sixtus IV was the first pope to interpret horoscopes, Julius II chose his own coronation date astrological methods, and Leo X and Paul III relied on astrological advice. Adolf Hitler used astrology during World War II.

12. It is believed that the birth chart comparing the different areas of the world, we find a place where we will be successful and happier.