3, 2, 1 – GO: Do you know how numbers affect your destiny?

The energy of each issue affects us in a special way. Without a clear understanding of numbers we can not know their mysterious mode. This refers to the dates bioritmaske, personal, generational, telephone and any other numbers.


This is a neutral energy. Her energy swept both good and bad, calms the emotions. Zero-marking of emptiness and indifference.

In terms of energy include mood swings, aggression and belligerence. It also requires the need for attention and ambition to succeed.

Under twos energy person will aggressively defend their positions. I do not want to accept the opinions of others and vigorously opposes.

Troika is the energy of love. She successfully opposed other numbers because of their power.

This is about moderate and dosed energy emanating from the mental and physical balance. It corresponds to the energy balance of nature.

Energy optimism and stimulus to find new ways of operation. If peace is a unique number 4, we have the opposite view.

Energy a strong passion and excitement. This body is dominated by the spirit. In this case, the passions are extremely pronounced.

This is the energy that takes us out of the everyday, routine and monotony. Provokes strong reactions.

Eight is the power of meditation and spiritual health. It maintains the accumulated value in us spiritual and material.

This is the epicenter of internal insight. The need to maintain control over the situation. Energy victory over the fears and ignorance of our mind.