3 types of Lilit and keywords in its interpretation

The most common explanation Lilit is based on the story that she was the first wife of Adam, which was made in the same way as he did. Lilit could not stand the rules, nor the fact that she will be the only man Adam, so he left the Garden of Eden. God sent angels to find Lilith and bring her into the garden, but she lived in demonic country and would not return.

Angels have threatened her that he would drown, and she to them in exchange for the freedom promised to the children on whose charms were written the names of the angels, not kill (or is killing newborn children), also vowed to God that every day a demon children die, but will not return to the garden of Eden.

The belief is that a snake which appeared in the Garden of Eden was actually a disguised Lilit. It is a symbol of the raw sexual energy and do not care about anyone. It is a symbol of lust and passion, not love love, not love men, least of all virtue and chastity as female characteristics. Lilit sabotaging the act of procreation, because it represents pure feminine energy. In situations Caesarean sections, complications in childbirth, and even abortion or any kind of infanticide women feel the energy and power of Lilith.

Lilith is a woman who has gone through three phases:

She went from the garden / expelled for insubordination-phase Uranovska
Takes the form of a snake, would not seduced Eve, which seeks to undermine the nobility of female energy-Neptunian phase
The killing of children in order to get revenge on the God-Plutonovska phase.
According darkstarastrology.com there are three types of Lilit:

-Asteroid Lilit 1181 (the asteroid can be found at astro.com, in the “additional asteroids or” hypothetical planets “under the number 1181, extended category selection chart). This Lilit is uranovske nature, is a young woman who is a rebel, always ready to do something new and shocking. She is impulsive, asexual, a fighter for freedom. It represents a revolt against God, because God is not treated the same as Adam.

-Lilit Black Moon (Earth’s shadow). This Lilit is commonly used in astrology, namely when talking about Lilit thoughts on Crni month. Herein refers to the long black Neptunian influence, in particular to the stage where the legend has a snake Lilit converts to mislead Eve. This would mean that there Lilit refers to witchcraft, demons, the dark side, poisons, voice spirits, curses, and the healing, shamanism, animal energy, a great attraction, hypnosis, drugs, addiction, fatal attraction. Similarly as there are the North and South Node, there is a North and South Lilit node. North node is marked in the “Additional objects”, as “Lilith” and the Southern Lilit node in the section “additional asteroids or” hypothetical planets “under number h13.

-Lilit Dark Moon (as has the nature of fixed-star Algol). Here Lilit is a phase in which the holy God by killing small children. Here it refers to nightmares, rage, demons, catharsis, crazy, emotional pain. Its nature is identical nature of Pluto, who as ruler of the underworld draws a person in the dark, because it is driven by lust and passion, and contrary to spiritual development. Dusky Moon can be found in the section “additional asteroids or” hypothetical planets “under number H58.

Meaning Lilith or the Black Moon in the natal chart:

That’s the dark side of the personality;

-Iskušenja that if you respond to them, leading to the moral and psychological decline of our personality;

Passions and desires at a subconscious level;

-Zamagljena consciousness, inability to resist the challenge;

-Type people who can be very appealing, but also that we can be enemies;

A manner of thinking about the body and the female identity;

-Sexual instinct, what attracts women and what is harmful to it;

How people function as a mother, a daughter, a sexual partner;




-Transformativna energy;


-One sexual and spiritual;

-Potreba to be alone;

The problem of free will and how it strengthened.