5 things you do not support Feng Shui Be in accordance with the balanced flow of energy!

There is a list of rules that not violated and that are consistent with the balanced flow of energy through the area in which you reside.

1. DO NOT possess art works which evoke the negative
So even if you get a picture of the Battle of Kosovo for the birthday of his favorite – replace it rather works of art that will have you up and inspire you to do something positive.

2. DO NOT live without nature in your area

All that can be associated with nature, including the four-legged pets – filled with harmonious chi energy that will enrich our lives. Surround yourself with living beings and things of natural origin – plants, natural materials, textures, colors and works of art, photographs that remind us of nature. Modern furniture design is increasingly associated with sterility and calls for the use of materials that are not natural and as such is certainly not in accordance with Feng Shui principles.

3. Let the entrance to your room is NOT plain or unattractive

Entrance to the Feng Sui believes the city through which Qi energy enters our homes. Unpainted door, doormat you have not brushed off Sunday or a bunch of stuff that you have piled in front of the apartment – suggests chaos, not a balanced flow of energy. Play with your creativity, edit the input space, we believe that the results might surprise you.

4. Do not crowd your space with unnecessary things
According to Feng Sui, everything around us is filled with Chi, or life energy, so it is considered that the energy associated with all that we have. So a bunch of things that we are not even aware that we have everything we crammed into the garage, shelving or cabinets and forgot about it – is in some way part of our energy thief. Removing clutter free and balances the flow of energy. A simple way to solve clutter is to take one thing at which you have not seen for a long time and have to ask yourself: Am I emotionally connected to this? Am I benefit from it? Does this thing anything about who and what I am now, at this moment? If all three answer is no – this is a mess which urgently need to be resolved.

5. Do not sit, sleep or work if you are not able to have a look at the front door
What happens when you enter the room, you need to have a look. If you turn your back door – Feng Shui believes that in this way put in a position of uncertainty because it is one of the primary human needs just one for sure.