A good period for the removal of magic or curses-float (magic / curse), is in excellent aspects!

Seen from an astrological point of view, these May days are an excellent time to remove any magic or curses.

The float (magic / curse), is in excellent aspects, indicating the positive outcome of the energy cleansing.

May is the fifth month of the year and the name is presumably named after the Maya, staroitalskoj goddess of nature, fertile soil and plants. Considered one of the most beloved and nalepših months of the year. May, however, the rich and the esoteric sense of how energy and ritual.

For those who believe, here below and magical significance of important days to the end of May this year.

May 14 is the day when you do not need to borrow anything, and when you should avoid major purchases. On the other hand, a favorable day to remove from the home SCE as dysfunctional, broken or defective.

15 May – a great day for financial transactions (although this year falls on a Sunday). If you are planning to buy or sell real estate, this is an opportune moment for action.

May 17 – As soon as you typed the first minute of this day, couples who want to offspring should be down to work, and the same “mission” and recommended the following day, 18 May.

21. May – Believing pulp: Remember the good dream that you have dreamed that night because it has a prophetic character and such a dream can be achieved either lead you on the path to realization.

May 22 – Energy jak day. If you can, make as much today in nature. Take a walk, exercise, breathe the air of her lungs. Allow the energies of Nature that works for you!

23 May – A perfect day for making love because it strengthens the relationship and ties give important position. Spend the day by dear ones showering gentle kisses.