A man and a woman Capricorn goat-general characteristics (ASTRO)

Capricorn Man

The man born under this sign is capable and practical, ambitious and thorough. It is very reliable and trustworthy, he can think and organize others to work for him. There are no obstacles that can stop him on the way to achieve a certain goal. Sometimes it can be slow, but it will get to your destination safely. For it is true adage “slow but attainable.” A representative of this sign tends to all plans, working according to plan, likes to invent, but in the realization of the objectives of applying the already tested methods. With the environment does not have time to make a secret friendship.

The woman Capricorn

A woman born under this sign is determined to solve problems, both personal and business. It is very simple and practical, he can save time and money, sensitive and witty. Due to the great tact, the other is happy slušaju.Ukoliko finds himself in a situation that is their own opinion, try to be fair and what realnija.Ne price recklessness nor courage that has huge consequences, but rather tact, resourcefulness and prudence.