A very lucky: This 3 Burcu expected major changes in LOVE in October

Find out if you are among the lucky ones.

While in October the stars generally will not be favorable to the majority of members of the zodiac when it comes to love, there are three exceptions. One can expect an encounter with a person with whom he could achieve long-term relationship, else returns old flame while the third this month under the sign of sensuality and passion.


With the Sun, ruler of Lava, located in the same sign where and Jupiter (Great Happiness), October was a happy month for the Lions to a lot of fields and will bypass the field of love. Communication and travel bring renewal of old ties, but also create new ones. In October, Lions enter the special period. Venus, planet of love, on October 18, enters the house of love and passion Lava. Brings the fulfillment of the soul, happiness and realization of the desire to love life. The words, written or spoken, will act as an aphrodisiac for you and, also, you can you use to mislead.


The sun, the ruler of the house pairs Aquarius, most of October, with Jupiter (Great Happiness) and with a cheerful and curious Mercury. You will feel that your soul is young and you need a broad adventures and experiments. This is a great month for romantic travel, spiritual journey with a loved one or to discover new knowledge. If you are looking for love, a new person could meet while traveling or for some environments with common interests, cultural, spiritual, and the like. With that person could get a solid tie rod and your relationship could be lengthy. During October we could attract celebrities, or someone from the higher circles or with special talents.


On 9 September, Jupiter, great happiness, he stepped into the house of Gemini love and promises a year of sensuality and passion. Happiness comes to you in October. With Jupiter, the Sun has an important impact, a symbol of vitality and energy and Mercury, ruler of Gemini. With this configuration, your soul is thirsty to experience strong emotions and body to enjoy. Love can come at any time. If we take into account the fact that on October 18, Venus, planet of love, into the house twin pairs, the picture next period takes intense and seductive colors.