Adultery, greed, lust: Each zodiac sign has its own SIN, find out what is yours!

To err is human, but on this point each star sign has a “weak point”

Aries – Murder

Aries can be extremely unpredictable and full of rage. If you encounter the wrath of an Aries, you may not survive it. Not only that Aries is very strong, it is also amazing and spontaneous. There are so many spontaneous that almost always leads to problems. Aries must be careful, if you completely overcome anger and rage, could eventually someone seriously hurt.

Taurus – excess

Taurus belongs to a particular type of daffodil. He likes to do things that will benefit him in the long run. Whether it’s good food or expensive new toy, Cancer rapidly developing its excess unhealthy activities. Most of the time you prefer that all these things are happening at the same time, just to get the full effect of the overall excess of this world.

Gemini – Dishonesty

Twins have a terrible habit of inventing stories. Maybe it’s because he is your zodiac sign is represented by two different persons or maybe just going to have different perspectives on the same story. Anyway, love to lie petty things and important things, especially if you the truth does not match. So what is the best way to sabotage everything? Lying about it.

Cancer – Worship

You feel as if the person you love or you love above all else that you know. You just wait on it, worry that has everything they need and want to protect yourself from any kind of adversity. You think it’s not sinful. But think about it – you do not think to yourself. You would rather give your life to someone else. Some people might break you without a second thought. Be careful who you adore.

Lion – Pride

You bordering on narcissism and one of the most selfish people you are when it comes to personal relationships. Natural you in everything you do and you know how to impress the other in an instant. So much ate extremely arrogant and full of themselves that sometimes even people who hold in their immediate vicinity do not want to have anything to do with you. Who would want to help someone who seeks only his reflection in the eyes of other people?

Virgo – Jealousy

Virgo is very unstable, the most important in the world she was to plan how to get to the next best thing. She wants to be the person that everyone will be talking about, especially when it comes to attracting a potential lover. If you’ve got an eye on someone who is not interested, then you tend to lurk around corners wherever you are; thinking long and hard about how you are jealous because the other person has something you want. You are not just “born” lover.

Libra – Vanity

The balance is not what the world does not care so much for her beauty as well. As long as it is able to look in the mirror and see your pretty face, she has everything she needs in life. Although Libra can spend hours predogledalom, though she still likes to work on her inner beauty. After all, be good inside and out is one of the keys to success, right?

Scorpio – Lust

Scorpio are associated with lust more than any other sin. They are full of passion that can be converted into a full love madness. However, I can not find love in all. Most of the time, you have trouble with close to people who do not want to be intimate with you as much as you want to.

Sagittarius – Adultery

Sagittarius is often prone to flirting. The shooter adventure offers a lot of fun and that’s why it can be difficult to commit to a permanent relationship. Even as the person he loves, his eyes wandering, looking for potential prey. He forever errant from person to person, says Higher perspectives.

Capricorn – Greed

Capricorn is the most difficult to leave his office, and then there is a pretty good reason. You are a competitor and we will do everything in your power to make sure that you are the one who earns the most money of all others in the workplace.
You do not even want to spend it, you just want to emphasize your success when you get a chance to prove their victory. Greed corrupts and says you can do things you never thought you could.

Aquarius – The self-proclaimed God

Aquarius believes that it is more special than all the others, because such a God created them. I always praise that has more wisdom in his little finger than all other people together. Giving new perspectives and insights to those around you provides vamduboko satisfaction. However, most of the time could not be further from the truth than it is already.

Fish + Laziness

Fish are people a little (too) prefer to keep their head in the clouds. Sometimes it seems as if they only exist in their own little world in relation to the rest of us. Always daydreaming, thinking about what might be or what it was, and people walk next to you as you move in a slow pace. It makes you very lazy when it comes to life in the present moment.