After them come to terms, this car! Four zodiac sign that times are tough, mean and incredibly exhausting!

Look for signs of true theory that heavy and that with them barely cope!


Although generous and warm nature, members of this sign tend to be extremely difficult and exhausting for his behavior directed to seek attention from others, including drama, manipulation, posing as victims, and even sexually seductive behavior aimed at “winning over people.”


Noble Crabs in their yellow minutes can gain a lot of enemies that would prefer these around them fled from their skin care suffered their extreme mood swings, difficulty controlling anger and transient paranoia.


Large diplomat and one of najdruštvenijih Sign has a very dark line due to which many people avoid them, in fact they are very prone to passive aggression. It involves contradictory feelings in moments of stress. Radi outstanding sense lesser value oscillate between feelings of less value and superiority. If faced with their own behavior, they do not have access to his guilt but accuse others.

A fish

Too sensitive and reclusive members of this sign can be irritating if you catch them melancholy. Then overly sensitive to any form of criticism, they are passive, indecisive and full of complexes.