ALL OF THEM HAVE HEAD: Tri far the best sign in the horoscope

We do not say that this division is exclusive, or horoscope, these are the three most beautiful sign.


They are implemented. Whether male or female member of the sign Libra is synonymous with beauty. By far the best sign of the zodiac. Like the Taurus, the planet Venus is here too unselfish in one being packed perfection without blemish, with what has been generous in giving and good manners, refined posture. Flirtatious and charismatic almost always will emit some seductive messages. The most beautiful famous Scales: Monica Bellucci and Met Dejmond.


In a word Scorpio are the gods of charisma. They have a magnetic attraction and irresistible. Their constitution is small and muscular. Their eyes are the most powerful weapon in their favorite feature of seduction. View will always operate ambiguous and mysterious. When something irritated. view “shooting”. Stav them provocative. Known: Demi Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio.


The bony structure and pronounced cheekbones Jarc provide excellent predisposition to deal with modeling. This is the most photogenic sign of the zodiac, and it is a pity that in front of the lens does not enjoy. This sign is almost has no gestures, so the facial expressions difficult to find something to read. Often members of this sign have clear blue eyes were brighter complexion, hair and eyebrows. Their gait is very determined and confident. They have proper posture. Famous Capricorn Kate Moss