All Putin’s love

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Vladimir Putin, one of the top leaders at the beginning of the third millennium: The president’s skill is built on the old knowledge “that all staff.”
Vladimir Putin and the KGB school. All Putin’s wife and love. How married Russian President … What began Vladimir Putin and the KGB cooperation. Important women in the life of the Russian president and how he married …

A box: I met with a Serbian woman, Milka Kresoja, “soul” of the Serbian diaspora in Moscow. Business woman, that could get stuck in the belt of any “oligarchs”, and at this elegant woman, of high culture, which is building a “bridge” between Russia and Serbia … We became good friends. Thus, the book “Putin” came out in the Serbian language.

Excerpts from the Book of K Hutchins and A Korobki – Putin

In the summer of 1968 Vladimir Putin headed by litejno prospectus in Leningrad, in the direction of the KGB building, with the hope that it will get the job. His physical condition is noticeably improved and increased confidence thanks to success in judo and, like many of his generation, looking for a job, as it was then called – “the authorities”, ie. in various institutions of state security, whose membership allowed for a serious career advancement direction. Putin has already seen myself as a leader.

Khrushchev was replaced in 1964, and his place in the Kremlin took the crusty old Ukrainian, Leonid Brezhnev. He rejected Khrushchev’s liberal reforms, has invested heavily in the military industry and got involved in Afghanistan, implying period in Russia known as zastojnoje vremja, or – stagnation.

Putin has loved since childhood cinema and, as he later confessed to the Hollywood star Jack Nicholson, he dreamed of becoming an actor. All that changed when he watched “sword and shield”, a thriller about a Russian spy who had infiltrated the SS headquarters in Berlin and took Hitler’s secret files. The next day he told his classmates Viktor Borisenko, “I’ll be a spy – they win wars, not military. The soldiers were only servants, they are the muscles, not the brain. ” Was thrilled when he learned that in Lenin’s time KGB called “sword and shield” of the Revolution.

Walking (KGB building to see red) only the third time dared to approach the officer and said, “How can I become a KGB agent?” Answer it did not disappoint. Accustomed to freaks and young enthusiasts officer patiently talked with thin, pasty-faced sixteen and advised him to first obtain a university degree.

After Putin mentioned that he was an officer, and said this: “We do not accept people who come on their own initiative.” Nonetheless, he decided to enroll at the university, although he competed for about forty candidates in one place, but his parents had suspected that his level of knowledge will be enough. However, surpassing all expectations, Vladimir in 1970 was admitted to the Law Faculty of the Leningrad State University (LGU), Department of International Law.

“He was one of the few students who are very well see their future,” says Tamara Steljmašova, his professor of social history. “He was focused, determined, strong character, serious, responsible and just.”

Once, when she was with him in the apartment, she saw on the wall a portrait of Felix Đeržinskog, the founder of the Bolshevik intelligence Cheka, the forerunner of the KGB, now FSB. (Although it should be noted that the first founder of the Intelligence Service of Russia was a Serb Sava Raguzinski-as Putin and said he was surprised by the red-prim).

Volodya is worth learning, and weekends preparing final school exams in trosobnoj cottage of their parents in Tosno. In the same street she lived and Vera wipes. I met with Volodya in 1968, when she was 14 and he was 16 years old. Religion was a frequent guest in Putin’s cottage and then in Leningrad. In an interview with the newspaper “Interlocutor” described the future president as a muscular young man, who feared nobody and attracted girls like a magnet. (It is interesting that Putin is very popular among women in Russia-prim red).

When he came in Tosno “girls are simply throwing at him,” says Vera. “He had a certain charm. I still remember his hand, with a strong, short fingers. ”

Once they join the confident girl people. After dinner, the young men asked her to wash the dishes, but she refused, saying: “When you marry for me to wash the dishes my husband.” Vera was at that moment I realized that she is not a newcomer rival in the fight for Volođina love. She knew that he avoids housework: “In addition, she was a brunette, and I know he likes blondes.”

Vera also revealed that her gentleman favors learning rather than romantic relationships. He refused to take her calls to the cinema, saying that there is no time for fun. “Regardless of his emphatic manner, always had a grim expression on his face,” she says. All would burst out laughing, and Volodya would
sitting quietly and expressionless.

Vera remembers that in the Basque komunalka passing Volođina desk stood beside the couch in the room Putin. Once, when she came to the guest on her made it clear that he wanted to be alone. He was sitting at the table and wrote something, and Vera tried to start a conversation, “Volodya, you remember when …” Putin interrupted her: “I just remember those things you need to remember,” he said angrily. Faith is heartbroken. Since she was proud of the girl, at that moment she realized that her feelings disappear. She left the room and never came back. “What do I do with a man who can treat me like that?” – she has friends.

Today, married women, and retired, Vera says: “I now propose to write him a letter, to know that I’m alive. But I’m a real Russian, and he knows that very well. I would not have wrote him and asked for help even if I were starving and living under a bridge. Why would you think about me now, if you did not think then?

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Putin traveled to the (sports) competitions all over the Soviet Union. He once traveled to Moldova, to prepare for Spartakijadu, where they could participate all interested parties from the Soviet Union. He remained inconsolable when in 1973 his close friend, Volodya Čerjomuškin, who began to play sports at Putin’s initiative, broke his neck falls to the head during the fight.

He was paralyzed and ten days later he died in the hospital. Putin, who claims that he can not show emotions, controlling for the funeral, but then broke down and wept at the grave, with his sister and mother.

Disband conducted with students swimming in the Black Sea resort, or cut the forest in the north of Russia, where he earned a decent sum of 1,000 rubles for six weeks of work. There were other advantages of studying. That would not be invited to a two-year military service in the Soviet Army, participated in the training conducted by the Institute for the military training, getting on the end of the rank of lieutenant. From insecure, troubled boy postaojao is a young, promising man. He has learned to balance the friendship and at the same time stay focused on your long-term plan to become a national hero.

It’s been twenty-first birthday, and he was worried because of the people that he wanted to leave the impression, ie. of the KGB, has not been any news. His spirit was delighted when my mother won the lottery “Zaporozhets-966”, because instead of 30 kopecks in change in the café received a ticket lottery.

She could take the winnings in cash – 3,500 rubles – thus the family for some time been able to ease poverty. Instead, she gave her son a car.

When he was in the fourth year of study, he was approached by an unknown man. “We need to talk about your secret mission,” he said, “but for now I do not want to say anything concrete.” Putin realized that this is the moment that is waiting. It was agreed to meet in the lobby of the Faculty, but the stranger was late. Putin waited twenty minutes. Thinking that they joked with him, Putin is about to leave, when a stranger appeared breathless. “It’s all arranged,” he said. “Volodya, what do you think of the proposal to work in government?” Without hesitation seconds Putin agreed. If he went to college a few minutes earlier, the history of modern Russia should be rewritten. As he explained, the proposal is supposed KGB internship after graduation, with the possibility of further career advancement.

He is father to work in the KGB, thereby violating the secrecy of which he was told that he must keep. Comrades said he “got a place in the militia”, or, as his desire to work in the secret services bilaposebna not a secret, is rare not figured out what it meant to “place”.

Putin holds a law degree in 1974, and the following year he went to “School no. 401 “near the river Minami Ikebukuro, where he trained in counterespionage. His comrades remember “immense happiness” which in those days radiated his face. But not everyone believed to work in the police. One of his closest friends, Sergei Roldugin, soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra, he openly asked the question: “I am cellist,” he said. “I know you’re a spy, but I do not know what that means. Who are you? What are you doing?” Putin he calmly replied: “I am a specialist in relations between people.”

Such a description is not much deviate from reality. Job KGB officers assumed forgetting his own “I” and plunging into another man in order to get the data. To explore human weakness, began to study people in the region. One man admitted that he became quite paranoid when Putin began to constantly question him, looking him straight in the eye. Report an instructor at the end of the first semester of training is that Putin should be repeated several times that his methods of examination should be delicate if he wants results.

Probably the most important lesson of how the KGB treats ordinary people got when one of the older colleagues made a hypothetical case for beginners. When an experienced agent, training group at the School no. 401, suggested what to do, Putin interrupted him: “You can not do this,” he said. “That’s illegal.”

Colleagues from the KGB watched him in amazement. “Our instructions are the law,” he patiently explained one of them. The next year, Putin began working in counterintelligence department of the KGB, “the house” in the prospectus litejno.

For Putin alcohol has never been a serious problem while Vera Beat says “More he liked milk.” Anatoli Rachlin (trainer) confirms these words, saying that his desire for defeating judo was so strong that he was always sober.

Klaus Cuhold, East German spy who knew him almost five years during the eighties, the story: “Every time we got drunk together, he is careful to constantly delayed three glasses of others.” He once someone noticed that vodka shakes in a pot with flowers.

An officer of the intelligence department of the KGB noticed his talent and he (Putin) instructed a year in Moscow, to prepare for work in intelligence work abroad. “Normally if I wanted to work in foreign affairs,” he says. “They all wanted. We all know that it means the ability to travel abroad. ” When he returned to Leningrad, his friends noticed that radiates boyish enthusiasm because love, whatever that was. He seemed colder and more distant. He moved in a different setting, talking with scientists and foreign businessmen, ie. people, who could supply him with oxygen necessary – information. Since he spoke fluent German, a decent French and English, used by foreigners shows that city. The first time he traveled abroad as a companion group of Soviet tourists, with the task of protecting them from foreign spies.

In his memoirs, Putin said it was his work included “contact people”, but it is not known how much has been successful in recruiting valuable informant. He also admits that he did not like how the KGB pressure dissidents and artists. Today, he says: “The cooperation with ordinary citizens was an important instrument for the preservation of law and order”. In other words, residents of Leningrad were encouraged to perceive unusual behavior. It is interesting to note that today, US citizens are encouraged – though for completely different reasons to be cautious, in the name of the country. Shops “Wal-Mart” implement a program of internal security under the slogan “If you see something, say,” a recently released application for the iPhone, “PatriotApp” stimulate citizens to information provided information similar to the FBI and other federal agencies.

In the summer of 1979, in Putin’s life returned people, a girl who did not want to wash dishes in the cottage of his family, which is now a medical student. Putin’s parents were pleasantly surprised when they started dating again with people on a regular basis, especially when it was finally brought home and introduced.

People took care of him, as always, telling him what to eat and clothe, suggesting to him that the elegant look is very important. He even cleaned the shoes, which is a great thing for a girl who had not wanted to wash the dishes after dinner. Even today, Putin can not say whether he was in love with her or not. She loved little to command, but he thought it was a good feature for a wife. It was her way to get things done, and the wife must do to be able to be a support to her husband.

He proposed to her. People accepted the proposal and the practical as it was, began preparations for the wedding. Her parents bought a wedding dress, and his parents were Volodya gave money for the wedding suit and rings. The groom went to the city hall of Leningrad, to ask for permission to marry.

Niko until the end did not understand why he married Volodya people.

Everyone thought they were a good couple, and to have beautiful children. His mother loved her, and years later she dared to tell the woman whom he married her, like daughter, the more disliked his first love.

Whether it withdrew at the last moment, because of nervousness, or could not accept the fact that there will be some half of the continent, Putin has canceled the wedding. Nesuđenoj bride said it was a shame because “not all thought before things went too far.”

“It was one of the most difficult decisions in my life. It was extremely difficult. I looked like a complete jerk. Still, I decided that it was better for both to stop immediately, but is tormented while we are alive. Of course, I did not run away, but I told her the truth, and I thought that time I did all that was needed. ”

His friends were shocked. One of them explains: “Volođina problem is that he never knew how to show emotions. Judging by what I see on television, even now it does not understand. He thinks the truth, or is wrapped in myth, and that’s why he was so good for the KGB. ”

NEXT PUTINE love was young blonde with shoulder-length hair and big blue eyes, as in the words of Vera wipes were mandatory requirements. He was lean, low, and did not pay much attention not to the style, not the quality of the clothes. As he later admitted Lyudmila Alexandrovna Škrebnjeva, was not a man who would, seeing him on the street, look again. But it was too late, she agreed to go out with him, sight unseen. The main reason was that Vladimir Putin had tickets to a show Rajka`s Arcadia, one of the best comedians of that time, in a lavish theater Lensovjet. Nothing like it was in her native Kaliningrad, former East-Prussian Königsberg.

Lyudmila was born in this dull, militarized corner of the Baltic Sea, 6 January 1958. Leaving the technical college in the third year, she began working as a flight attendant in “Aeroflot” to escape from the city. Unlike one other flight attendant, Irina Malandine, who married former Vladimir’s friend, Roman Abramovich, the twenty-year-old did not have relatives with ties, she might help you to gain a place on the international flights, which could meet the future bridegroom with better perspective.

Lyudmila, along with resentment second flight attendant, was on a three-day break in Leningrad, when she agreed to go to a meeting at four.

It was on March 7, 1980. Two young girls and the latter found themselves on Nevsky Prospekt, near the cash register. Otherwise known by constant delays, Volodya was already standing on the stairs. He was dressed poorly, his best coat was already battered – and people is estimated to be no effort to impress. It is interesting that Putin, after many years, claimed that they met when she was spotted next to me in the theater.

He did not want to admit to his wife that the girl he had met a common acquaintance, and that they had provided all the cards before he even video.

Arcadia Rajka`s performance was a complete contrast to the quiet, introverted man who sat next to her. But still there was something in the young Volodya which attracted Ludmilla to agree to meet the next evening, and again the next after that.

It seemed to be able to provide tickets for any event. The second meeting was in Leningrad mjuzik-hall, third again in the theater Lensovjet. It was a promising start, but not in the wildest imagination could have guessed that he would one day make Volođa first lady of Russia.

At these first meetings, Putin’s new friend said he worked in the department for criminal investigation Leningrad militia. He recounts: “I told her that I was a policeman. Collaborators secret services, especially intelligence officers, have always been officially camouflaged “. Ljudmila mentioned that she did not mind that she’s seeing a policeman, and was inclined to continue contact. When she asked for Putin’s phone number, she said she has no home phone, but can not call him, but she wrote on her phone while driving in a noisy subway. Then Lyudmila back in Kaliningrad, where he told friends that he met zanimljivnog guy, though “simple and in no way exceptional.”

Early was talking about love, but she was very intrigued. Determined to maintain contact almost every day she called him from work or from a phone booth.

When asked a friend what he lives on her new suitor, Ljudmila replied that Putin had told her – that it has something to do with the police. The truth is found out when he left her job and moved to Leningrad, to be together. “After three or four months I had already decided that he’s the man that I need.” When asked on what basis is decided so quickly to the man she herself described as “simple and in no way remarkable,” Lyudmila replied: “It is possible that this inner strength that which now attracts more people.”

And ALL IN TOWN know what he does in the “big house” on litejno prospectus, it was quickly determined the actual profession beloved man. However, by then it was already insanely in love, and since he never had links with the secret services, is paying special attention to.

Telling her that “all the people of our age should work on their own development and expansion point of view,” Vladimir is convinced his girlfriend to enroll in the Leningrad University. Since he was interested in languages, she chose French and Spanish.

Then he suggested, almost in passing, that goes on typing course, to be able to assist him in the work, to which she agreed. He also encouraged her to learn social skills, which are ruled by some of the women of his colleague.

One of his qualities that Lyudmila was not like a sharp change of mood when he looked for someone to flirt with her, or when he felt that it is too coquettish behavior. Since this is considered proper and moral, they lived separately, on the corner of my parents’ room in the communal apartment, and she dorm. It could hardly be called the beginning of a passionate romance, but Putin was not known for his passion. According to friends, their physical closeness started when she Vladimir took a vacation in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Ljudmila then already knew she was in love. She was eager to get married as soon as possible, but, as it hinted, it seemed to her that he was farther from the perspective of marriage. As he later admitted, he was a specialist in the planning of each of its steps, and this is as much concerned amorous relationships and work. It’s been three and a half years before he raised the issue of the status of their relationship. Putin says he was already persuaded friends to get married, but it is interesting that this decision coincided with a time of significant changes in the life of Russian society. In November 1982, Brezhnev dies and comes to the Kremlin Putin’s idol, Yuri Andropov, head of the KGB. Andropov led a vigorous struggle with the economic slowdown and the rampant corruption of the Brezhnev period, but an uncompromising crushed all dissent, which could have caused optimism to the dedicated, young KGB officer, as he was Putin.

How a man like Putin proposes marriage? As it later turned out – awkwardly. Ljudmila mentions that moment: “One night we were at his house, and he said, ‘Honey, you now know everything about me. In general, live with me is not so simple. ” Then he described himself as a taciturn man, sometimes very sudden, who occasionally says something offensive. In other words, as a venture life companion. Then he said: “Probably you alone have saved over the three and a half years that we were together?” All I could think about after these words were to be prepared for termination. “Generally speaking, yes,” I said. He asked me skeptically, “Really?” At that moment I felt that definitely terminated. “If so, I love you and I suggest you get married, such and such a day,” he said. It was like a bolt from the blue.

I agreed, and we decided to get married in three months. Marriage for me was not an easy step, as well as for him, it ends, and then cryptically added: “Because there are people who are responsible to marriage relationships.”

Some biographers claim that their marriage was on July 28, 1983, when the groom was already in tridesetprvoj year, although I have not been able to find any documents to confirm this. After all, it was the Soviet times, when the official ceremony held in the registration office, not in the church, and the documents are not always easy to get.

Whatever it was that community, there is no doubt regarding the celebration. Twice celebrate. Once with family and close friends on a raft-restaurant on the Neva, and the next day in the hotel “Moscow”, only Putin’s fellow KGB, who refused to appear before strangers. On their honeymoon they traveled to Sochi, where the first close. He later Ljudmila surprised mutual friends confessed that her husband was prepared honeymoon “so romantic, how that’s possible.”

The couple began living with his parents who, fortunately, moved into the apartment on the prospectus Stachek in Avtovo, the area of ​​new construction in the south of the city. The kitchen windows were so high they were sitting at the kitchen table to only see “the wall before their eyes.” Room newlyweds had an area of ​​20 square meters, slightly more than half of those rooms where Putin grew up, a sound insulation walls in the new building did not allow them to relax too. After the Soviet standards of those times, they were considered to be relatively disposed people. Vladimir still had “Zaporozhets”, and I was out for a drive around town with his new wife. He always liked to drive. When he was already president, one of his drivers was told: “He wanted to sit behind the wheel of the limousine when a high speed chase in his house or to the airport, but he knew that, unlike us, are not trained for the prevention of terrorist threats. It irritated him. ”

Shortly after the wedding, Ljudmila revealed that her husband has other shortcomings besides fierceness. Forgetting for a moment, she once described her husband as “a real male chauvinist”, complaining of his expectations that she herself does all the housework. Although this can seriously amazed people from other countries, where such behavior is considered “conservative” in Russia, it is still considered normal and acceptable. In addition, once said to a friend that if her husband praising his wife – in the spoils. “He is constantly testing me all the time that we lived together,” she says Putin biographer, Oleg Block. “We constantly feel watching me to see if they make the right decisions.” I unequivocally confirming what was later married to cause much difficulty, he adds: “For it is very difficult to cook, he will not eat if he does not like the smallest component. He never praises me, so I completely ceased to cook. ”

But now it was their honeymoon, and she waited for the first child, when Putin, in September 1984, sent to Moscow for further training, the Institute of Krasnozamensk KGB Yuri Andropov. Ljudmila moved into a one bedroom apartment in the north of Leningrad and continued studies.

The KGB Institute students were given pseudonyms, who started with the surname. Another Putin became another Platov. The course included a test of physical endurance and coping. It was a night parachute jumps, training to avoid the pursuers, and to transmit encrypted
information via spyware howls.

Ljudmila she visited him once a month, and he came home a few times. On one of these trips, he managed to break his hand. “Some jerk he was attacked in the subway, and he took off,” says a close friend of Putin, Sergei Roldugin. “He was very worried about his instructors that he would not tolerate it.”

Putin’s first daughter, Mary, named in honor of his mother and is known as Masha, was born on 28 April 1985, when her father was on vacation. Sergej Roldugin picked up the mother with her daughter from the hospital, along with Putin and his wife Irina, traveled to the cottage of his father-in Viborg, where they celebrate the birth of a child.

Putin’s KGB Institute ended July 1985. Although his “analytical capacity” highly rated, received a negative assessment of character, because he was acting closed and uncommunicative, and because he had “lowered sense of threat.” The final score was considered a serious deficiency. Agents must exert in critical situations to respond well to the event, a lack of sense of fear blocks the supply of blood with adrenaline. “I had a long time to work on my sense of danger,” he says.

Entering the fourth decade of life, he is a trained intelligence agent for foreign countries, and burning with the desire to work outside the USSR, to protect the country from enemies. He received information from their older colleagues from the KGB, who returned from abroad – and not the die-hard Stalinists, but also of those who had different life experiences. “They were,” as noted by “generation with totally different attitudes, values ​​and feelings.”
Once buried his colleague, who was in Afghanistan, detailed questions about the Soviet occupation, which many interest. Putin wanted to know whether it is true that his signature was needed for the rocket attacks on Afghan targets. He was beaten by his answer: “I evaluate the results of its work according to the number of documents that have not signed.”

It was a turbulent time. On the eleventh of March 1985, only three hours after the sudden death of Konstantin Chernenko, the secretary general of the CPSU was elected Mikhail Gorbachev. Almost immediately announced the “perestroika” (restructuring controversial economy) – a process that is supposed to initiate a backward Soviet economy, and in just a few months ago to join perestroika and “glasnost” (freedom of speech), democratization and accelerating economic development.

Putin was able to assess the situation when I was KGB sent to work in East Germany. From the beginning it was clear that the KGB Institute prepare for work in Germany, on the grounds that he is forced to continue the study of the German language. The only question is whether you go to the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). To be notified in the FRG, the candidate had to work in the Moscow Center for two years. Putin says he decided it was better to leave immediately so that it is now a fully trained member of the KGB, without any objections received an order, packed up, kissed Ludmilla and left.