ALL story that is harsh and cold, but … the members of this horoscope sign all want to go to bed!

It seems that this horned character is not so bad.

First, what you think of when you mention Capricorn are professionalism and traditional values.

Members of this earth sign is for the most serious of the zodiac, and their independence to make progress on a personal and business level. Overloaded with great certainty and are masters of self-control.

Capricorn is the most common serious lover who likes to do things slowly and thoroughly.

However, under the thoughtful armor Capricorn lies a real surprise – sexually curious and imaginative, and even a bit kinky mind.

They use it as understated as its advantage, and when out of their beds can not believe how much to give in sex. They speak little, but they are men of action, honest and pure heart.

The drawback is that they need time to relax and show your partner everything. In short adventures that will not happen, because they need time to relax.