Alternative treatments zodiac signs (ASTRO)


Physiotherapy, kinesitherapy – your sign of Mars operated, so if you do not move enough but mostly sit, can not come to a halt energy in the organs and various disorders, such as allergies, headaches and eye inflammation. To prevent them in time should you move more, play some sports or gymnastics. Can help physiotherapy, shiatsu massage and reiki, kinetic therapy – therapy movement and rekonewkcija. It would suit you and the child based on trace elements, iron and copper.


Chromotherapy, music therapy – Your calm and patient nature is reflected in your body that has a slower biorhythm. Therefore, we correspond relaxing therapy, chromotherapy and music therapy, alternative methods that use the power of color and sound ruled your planet, Venus. The ability of secretion of many glands in the body, in fact, depends on the intensity of light. Shifts day and night in different ways stimulate the function of the pineal gland, the gland that produces melatonin, which introduces us to dream.


Macrobiotics – Ruled by Mercury, but the more you use common sense rather than feelings. While you’re open, you’re prone to impatience and nervousness. Meals based on ingredients of natural origin, that have not undergone major processing processes can prevent or relieve respiratory diseases, your weak spot. The macrobiotic diet includes the consumption of different types of whole grains, especially rice, legumes, vegetables, fruits and fruit bony. They insist on the avoidance of meat and fish favoritism.


Homeopathy – Homeopathic remedies are formed by dissolving in water, the element that manages your ruler the Moon. The same substance that causes a disease, in minimum quantities creates a kind of vaccine that increases the body’s resistance. Homeopaths lens disturbed energy manifested disease, a cure depends more on you than on the type of disease. Positive self-deception is essential.


Thermotherapy – I do not tolerate long-term treatment, and the most you like if your body can heal itself. Therefore, the heat treatment can be very effective for you, since your sun sign of the government. Termoterapijska agent, water, paraffin, mud or mud mixed with paraffin enable registration of dilation of blood vessels, the pain is reduced, muscles relax, and the metabolic rate.


Phytotherapy – Phytotherapy, or the use of vegetable and plant extracts, in accordance with your love of nature, but also resistance to surgical interventions. With herbs enter and highly valuable substances (essential oils, vitamins, natural antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes) in your body making it stronger and more resistant, improves metabolic processes and eliminate harmful substances from it.


Aromatherapy – Because your planet Venus suits you aromatherapy, which helps to prevent the formation or accelerate the recovery from disease. Aromatic herbal oils and essences have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral. Oils also increase the effect of massage and treatment-touch method that’s also appropriate. The power of essential oils over time is not reduced, provided that they are properly stored. How to sign your government and Saturn suit you metaloterapija and crystal.


Acupuncture – your sign of the government Pluto, the planet of regeneration, however, is quite easy to recover after an illness. Do not be afraid to deal with any treatment, including surgical knife, provided they can effectively help you. Scorpion sting, present in the symbol of your sign, it shows that you are attracted to all that is sharp, but the suits acupuncture, an alternative method in which needles are used. Fixed on meridians, channels that cover the whole body, the needles help to establish the proper flow of energy.


Astrological Medicine – Centaur, the symbol of knowledge, the government is your sign, but can help astrological medicine. From the natal horoscope patient, physician astrologer can conclude that the authorities are most vulnerable to disease, and over the transit of the planet can determine the most favorable period for the start of treatment. You like homeopathic medicines selected on the basis of which the planets in your chart ‘attacked’, which usually indicates the weakness of certain organs or bodily functions.


Hiroterapija, metaloterapija, crystal – Your ruler Saturn managed bones, but it suits you hiroterapija. In addition to the joints and bones, this therapy has a beneficial effect on the muscles, respiratory, reproductive and digestive organs, nervous and endocrine systems. Odgovarraju you in crystal and metaloterapija (taking iron, aluminum, copper and other minerals in small amounts). Concentrated, and the crystals are missing a specific wavelength of light which penetrates into the corresponding organ of which has a positive influence on the immune system, anxiety and depression.


Oriental Medicine – Thanks to your ruler Uranus keep an open spirit, and you are attracted to various forms of alternative treatment, yoga and meditation. Fits you oriental medicine using drugs of plant origin, massage and stimulate energy flow. Ginger has analgesic effect, but for centuries used to treat joint diseases and rheumatism, toothaches and headaches, your weak points. Fresh ginger root is recommended for warming the body, sweating and removing harmful substances, a dried root cough, rheumatism and stomach problems.


Pranoterapija – Emotional and loving you so anxiously experiencing any disease. What are your government Neptune, symbol ekstraosetljivih abilities do not like aggressive than quieter forms of treatment, such as pranoterapija. Laying on of hands healer over your body, without touching, the energy of the healer begins to move toward your body. Good communication between you and it allows the prana, the vital energy circulates evenly throughout your body.