Although Mercury is retrograde, it can help us to return and review some of the situations ….

We’re trying to create a new certificate that will serve us especially on the emotional level.

We express our strong desire for transformation and show what we need to make us feel safe. Actions to implement in relation to prove and strengthen confidence. We have a tendency to impulsively spend money on things that are not necessary. Also, we have a desire to connect with partners and openly show emotions.

Our security today define loneliness and questioning. We try to distance ourselves from people and to hide the unpleasant emotions even though they are quite visible to everyone. Notwithstanding this, we have been given the opportunity to feel what it is converted into something useful for us, especially if you rely on the ideas, friends or an organization in which we work.

Any type of connection between our ego and our emotions can help us to become aware of unconscious mechanisms that exist in us, and are related to fears of abandonment, betrayal and pain. These mechanisms solve today through a close relationship with the people and through free will.

Although Mercury is retrograde, it can help us to return and review some things we learn things we did not, and that will help us to change our emotions. Today’s intense focus on everything that is happening to us and our awareness of it, because there is a need to understand certain patterns of behavior that do not serve us.

These phases will review mostly felt today, Scorpio. Device will be most focused on friends and children, and shooters on their private business, among them can occur and excessive need for spending money, especially on collectibles.