An eclipse of the Sun in Pisces, which will certainly affect how the global and at the individual level?

An eclipse of the Sun in Pisces, which will certainly affect how the global and at the individual level. Get ready for big changes.

In the subconscious, dreams, and distant travel. You’ll have certain mental covered identity. Will review some of his moves and sumiraćete your accomplishments. If you have ambitions to travel far or for a long time, far ahead you a chance.

The eclipse is happening on your social field, but will also have a major impact on some long-term plans that you have in mind. There are indications that terminate a friendship that it was not. If you have not implemented some goals, now is the moment, unless you change the direction of things.

Newspapers expect the career field. There is a big opportunity for a change in job status. In the future all the focus will be on the business plan, even you and emotional events can take place in connection with the transaction.

If you are studying changes may be in the form of completion, or a severe examination, or complete withdrawal. If you are planning a trip abroad, expect the fateful events related to the same. However, the next time you devote to spiritual progress.

An eclipse occurs in the field of sexual appetite and chronic diseases. You will feel very nebjašnjiv drive and enhanced libido. You are advised to take care of your health problems which could now escalate.

A partnership and marital relations will be ongoing in the coming period. If you are free, expect to begin to make plans for life in two, but if you are already married, expect big changes and wait for the storm to pass.

Changing the job completely or change the position of the same. There is a possibility to get a quote for additional engagement. If you are looking for a job, count that your time has come.

On the emotional level changes are inevitable. Depending on the current situation, and what you anticipate. In this case, a lone can count on the fateful encounter.

How much is likely to move somewhere or at least change the furniture and layout of your home, for your character are always linked to travel, but it is not impossible to change their place of residence in another country.

Make sure in the coming period on the little things. Communication by phone or e-mails can be stalled. Be especially careful not to get ripped off. Relationship with neighbors can also be compromised.

Your finances will be the focus of your next period. If you have plans to invest in something, make a serious plan, because everything you do now can be reflected to a large extent in the future.

On a personal field experience some changes, but it can take place on the physical plane. If you change your hair color or resort to any kind of intervention, consult with someone, because these changes will be long-term.