And after sex … According to the horoscope of each sign of the zodiac is different in bed …

According to the horoscope of each sign of the zodiac is different in bed, and we bring you the most common signs of sentences pronounced after sex games.

Aries: “Come again!”

Members of this sign have a lot of sexual energy, and the partners expect openness to experimentation and endurance. The sex likes to dominate, a prelude to them is not always necessary. After the first round, they are ready for another …

Taurus: “I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat?”

Members of this sign in your life know what they want and they are not ashamed to show it. Inexperienced and timid lovers are definitely not for them, even if at first intercourse, and they will be a little restrained, but just to see who “have a job”. How like to merge satisfaction after sex gladly passed on to the food …

Gemini: “Where’s the remote?”

Members of this sign are skilled lovers, a good sex for them is not necessarily the result of fulfilling relationships. On them can be a special and exciting experience with someone who is not for them. They tend to various fetishes, and even perversion. Having sex will be relaxed, a favorite pastime of their TV.

Cancer: “What is your attitude about marriage?”

Although acting withdrawn, members of this sign are very sensual sex lovers who prefer a lot of touch and foreplay. If the ratio comes to sexual stage, among them usually occur deeper emotions, and they then occupy the partner feels the same.

Leo: “Was not I great?”

Members of this sign are often somewhat wild lovers and sex for them is rarely gentle and slow. They are always ready for action, and to even see the point of honor because they themselves perceive as a sex animal. After a hot session, must check whether their partner fascinated by their skills.

Virgo: “We’re going to take a shower!”

Members of this sign are in the mood sex perfectionist, however, want a long and exciting foreplay, sex and tough mandatory cuddling after sex. However, they are not immune to sexual fantasies and perversions that they would never attributed. Having sex followed by compulsory showering.

Libra: “I thought it was great, and you?”

Members of this sign are the real masters of seduction and sex have a lot of desire and fantasy for which they need a long time to discover your partner. Foreplay is extremely important to them, but does not show the same enthusiasm for the partner, ie. if they do not make enough compliments, be sure to check that everything is all right “subtle question”.

Scorpio: “You want me to drive?”

Members of this sign are devoted to sex more than any other sign of the zodiac, and their character has become almost synonymous with a strong libido. The most important thing to them is that sex is not routine, but that they would ask constantly changing locations and possible actions, as well as the games they adore.

Sagittarius: “I’ll call you …”

Members of this sign sex are seen as good fun and an indispensable spice of life, and although his big fans, just cuddling will connect more with love than games in bed. They are not shy, though were not so liberal as far as yourself think, it is believed that the highest number of total sex compared to the other characters.

Capricorn: “Do you have a business card, how do we find?”

Members of this sign for many big surprise in bed, where the fall of their mask of restraint and self-control. They are very passionate lovers, but under the condition that their partner is someone with whom they are on the same wavelength. And the bed is often tend to disappoint. No matter how much sex was passionate conversation with Capricorn after it’s not.

Aquarius: “Should we try to bed now?”

When members of this sign is no significant difference in the approach to sex – with regard to whether the terms of that on one night or with a partner whom they love. And shall enjoy in one and in the second, although it will be significantly more perverse with a steady partner, so they will not be foreign to “catch” is everywhere.

Fish: “What’s your name?”

As much as sometimes seem shy, members of this sign is definitely not in bed. As lovers are clever and do their best to satisfy your partner, and expect the same in return. They do not hand passionate affair in which they take physical attraction, and may end up with someone in bed before it more familiar.