Angela Merkel – the daughter of steel gout

A preacher’s daughter and first woman chancellor in the history of Germany, Angela Merkel is undoubtedly the most powerful woman in Europe at the moment and one of the most powerful personalities of the world. S, agrees magazine “Forbes” which is set at the head of the female dragons in front of Hillary Clinton and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.
Angela Dorothea Kasner was born in Hamburg in 1954, the daughter of a Protestant priest Horst Kasner and Herlind Kasner, a teacher of English, Latin and Italian, originally a Polish official. Soon the couple moved to East Germany, in the town of Templin. Angela had a problem that as the daughter of a priest used to live in an atheistic country. Still, she managed to be an excellent student, with the exception of physical education, as she says.

Behind the Iron Curtain, the political system of which it is probably harder in the eastern bloc was the only one in Romania, the country’s all-powerful intelligence service Stasi with hundreds of thousands of informers, secret cameras and microphones, learned how to fight more listening than speaking. The father, though a Lutheran priest, was written by the Stasi that “progressive element” which gave him permission to travel across the Iron Curtain. It was a superb privilege.

They always lie to her science, and enrolled in physics at the University of Leipzig in 1973. Then he meets a colleague Ulrich Merkel who is getting married in the final year of college. However, they do not love blossomed and the couple divorced five years later. Angela was still then decided not to change the name. During his studies, Merkel will remember by first political activities. Even as a freshman became a member of the Free German Youth, a branch of East German Communists. Swinging and finally demolition Eastern bloc Angela Merkel received in Berlin (East), where it is worked up to 1990 at the Institute for Physical Chemistry. Turbulent times she used to personally improve, not pushing too much in politics, including his doctorate in 1986, and former mentor Joachim Sauer becomes her husband. Angela was in that marriage, among other things, brought surname of her ex-husband, a discrete Joakim two sons from a previous marriage. Common children do not have. They live in Berlin and free time in the countryside, where Angela loves to bake cakes, distribute them to neighbors and a little talk with ordinary people.

Always it is adorned caution in drawing strokes. Angela has not become a dissident, nor when the DDR but also rocked that it was only a matter of time before they fall, but was duly waited for her countrymen sweep through the Berlin Wall, and it was only a month later joined the Christian Democratic Union party, which she has always lying, if for no other reason, then because of parental education.

Before long, a unifier of Chancellor Helmut Kohl sought by a former communist East when he entered the party leadership, which would simobolizovalo German unification. Angela was the first peak on the list. Not only is it progressed instantly, but also become a personal favorite of Chancellor. The years passed and the funding scandal forced the Christian Democrats Kola to depart. Angela took the bat is that in 2000 managed to clean up old when that five years later able to convince a majority of Germans to be better than Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s Social Democrats. All agree that it is the most powerful women in the world, but no one managed to offer answers that she did it with so few advantages. Neither is rich industrijalka, not even from the former West Germany. No Native party and does not know how not to charm the media. Not controversial, not spectacular. Honestly, not exactly to her men looked back on the street. But she had no strong instinct for power and authority.

Internally now she does not bloom roses. Her Christian Democrats enjoy the support of only 36 percent of voters, a group of MPs protested because of her pro-European policy of helping troubled member states, social democrats serious blow to her neck. However, anyone who prematurely extinguished Merkel, could be converted. Unemployment is relatively low, the automotive industry is to survive, it exports a large and stable banks. The budget deficit under control. So far, Angela iron grip keeps steering the European Union …