Anubis, Horus or Ra? Check that you have the gods of Egypt on the basis of date of birth!

The ancient Egyptians were the first to believe that the stars govern human destinies, and about their horoscope is little known. What is known to every period of the year managed a deity.

Amon 1.1. – 2.2

The ancient Egyptians believed that the prophet of Amon. Its residents gave a talent that can be quickly fall in love and find the love of your life. Born under this sign are persistent but not pushy. At first glance, may seem cold, but they are actually very emotional and gentle with others. Most of them hurt disbelief, because above all very loyal and good friends, and lovers.

Sebek 3.2. – 4.3.

Sebek is a god of the Nile, which has given Egypt a source of life. Members of this sign marked appreciate art and most of them are extremely gifted artistically. However you should be careful, because they tend to be blinded by someone else’s beauty which often leads to the wrong path. Born under Sebek are very curious, they like to push all your nose and difficult to keep secrets because of which often break friendships.

Osiris 5.3. – 9.4.

Osiris in ancient Egypt was a deity of fertility and growth. Members of this sign are very sensual, but also romantic. Your partner will always cheer for small and sweet gifts. They are full of understanding for others and are happy to help their friends when they are in trouble. They must love and tenderness that they seek a lifetime, but once you find it, it is for eternity.

Ptah 10.4. – 2.5.

Ptah in ancient Egypt, a god of truth. Members of this sign are honest, open and somewhat naive. They are also impulsive and demanding, and have no patience for other people’s desires or delays. Because of its prominent sincerity others often say what they think regardless of the consequences. The same act and in love, and it is this feature of uncontrolled expression of opinion can cost them and good relations.

Horus 3.5. – 16.6.

Horus was a deity of life. Members of this sign tend adventures and often make new acquaintances. Unknown countries and regions really be attracted by them travel to exotic places are not unusual. They like to enjoy nature and the extraordinary benefits that life has to offer. Members of this sign requires a strong and stable partner who can spend all their whims.

Neftis 17.6. – 21.7.

Neftis in ancient Egypt was worshiped as the goddess of love, which is why this sign was called the most romantic. Members of this sign are very sensual, passionate and emotional therefore carefully choose their partners. Fear of grievance lies behind this behavior. Since the partners expect a lot, but in turn give the same number. The patient and want to hear other people’s problems, but also to give helpful advice. This makes them great friends.

Set 22.7. – 18.8.

Set is a god of lightning and storms, and are therefore members of this sign is very temperamental. Do not surrender easily and often are willing to fight to the end for what they want. In addition, they are very intuitive and quick to adapt to any situation. Also, they are very curious and always want to try something new and interesting. For members of this sign is not teamwork because they are independent and want to do everything yourself.

Anubis 19.8. – 21.9.

Anubis in ancient Egypt was a protector. Born under this sign are very honest and responsible. Are extremely confident and stubborn and rarely listen to other people’s advice, although they will be considered. They are very emotional and romantic and have high expectations of love. At one point in their lives will have to be reconciled with those that can not get everything. Otherwise they are very intelligent, polite and discreet.

Ra 22.9. – 15.10.

Ra in Egypt was very appreciated the sun god. Born under this sign are full of respect and love for others. First of all rational and always will think many times before you opt for any enterprise. Members of this sign love the romance and faithful as their partner for life. The only drawback to them is because of the uncertainty that often miss good opportunities.

Issued 16.10. – 11.09.

Issued the goddess of miracles. It is believed to be born under its protection have special powers. Characterized by the irresistible smile with which win all around. Passionate are open, and the love of them is the most important thing to make them happy your partner. However, for them there is no forbidden fruit and will not hesitate to get what they want. They are very good friends because they know how to listen to others and always shares good advice.

Thot 10:11. – 3.12.

Thot in ancient Egypt was known as the deity of light, wisdom and magic, but the members of this sign is always precise and accurate, because they have great organizational skills. Born under this sign are very versatile and they are interested in all branches of science. In love, always want to have a reliable beside me on who will be able to count and who will be able to share all their problems.

Hathor 4.12. – 31.12.

Hathor was the deity of music and art, were born under this sign are often appreciated musicians and artists. They are charming, creative, imaginative and always do everything with great love. Members of this sign love in love and find it difficult to fall fine and solitude. They need a partner who will understand them and know how to appreciate. Problems in life can create them only their uncertainty and excessive emotionality.