Anxiety in astrology – my fears have fears! Aspects in the natal chart describing the anxiety ….

Anxiety or anxiety is vague fear for no apparent external cause, and usually without physical signs that usually accompany real fear arising from external threats. Out of fear is different because of its ambiguity, because it is not tied to any particular object. In this unpleasant feeling dominated by the expectation of some unspecified disaster. When it happens often, plaster affective life and sense of security or otherwise maladaptive, is known as Anxiety Disorder.

Aspects of the birth chart describing the anxiety may be attached to the planet Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, 3, 12, 6, 8 field.

The moon is our soul and sense of security, it is certain that if the moon is threatened by tapping some of the planet itself, or sign in which it is located will be harder to balance. Moon in Capricorn or Scorpio is prone to questioning, doubt and self-hatred; aggression, limitations and restrictions are facing you.

Moon conjunct or square to Neptune provides a constant expectation of some unknown event which disturbs the security and encourages fear. The moon was hit by a vague illusion and perception or external circumstances or other people’s intentions.
Moon conjunct or square to Uranus intensifies anticipation. All aspects of the moon reinforcing anxiety and is usually manifested in the stomach in the form of indigestion, malnutrition, problems with breasts, fluid retention, gynecological problems in women, and the like.

Moon in 12th house hit by difficult aspects gives anxiety can be cured through meditation, volunteer work … Usually Moon in the 12th house manifested through nightmares or fear that dreams do not come true. Fear of the unknown, unexplored, and also the need to research it.

Moon in the 8th house – the person carries behind a part of the previous incarnations and easily get in touch with non-physical things, it gives great or spirituality or permanent anticipation for example, the loss of loved ones, wives or mothers.

Mercury conjunct or square to Neptune and Uranus gives a distorted interpretation of external impulses, the brain is constantly preoccupied with processing information. A person often acting nervously or flaky story is resolved nervousness.
Mercury in Pisces in the 3rd or 6th house can be an indicator anksionoznosti too.

Let us also note that the world in which we live imposes more or less anxious lifestyle. We constantly set new boundaries, offers the instant gratification needs, apparently things are made to make our lives easier, but actually tucking us further and seize decision-making power.

In modern society, one is forced to hand over his responsibilities to another, convinced that both the easiest and the best for him, and everything in it for the fear of the unknown and the need to ensure on time. In this way, we remain in a vicious circle in which the consumer looking for more, and decide less.

Therefore, even though the astrological aspects determine the guidelines of behavior of an individual, to a large extent determined by the society, and education, and most of himself. The responsibility borne by consequence, and if we have learned only on the success and satisfaction we will never take responsibility and we will always blame others for the consequences.

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