ANY COFFEE DRINK? Do you believe it says a lot about you?

In a wide range of coffee each of us has a favorite. According to your taste discover which type you belong to.

Ordinary black coffee
You are traditionalists who will never succumb to the influence of urban planning and imposing new value. According to your principles, moral values ​​are invaluable to you and will always take precedence. Live modestly and to help inspire peace. Selected circle of friends – minded, also fans of black coffee.

Speed ​​is your middle name. If you like you’re in the company, or you are unsteady and you can not safely rely. This is partly because they are moving in the business world and you are preoccupied obligations. You love travel and faraway destinations. You are not a fanatic for expensive things, but some of your details simply have to be branded.

You are enjoying life. You just know how to make the most of every moment. Popular you are in society and many are eager for your presence. Fashion is an integral part of your image you even notice and the area in which you live / stay. You have a lot of ideas and imagination and thus be inspired environment. There are people who envy you, but you have your own attitude.

Instant coffee
Superficial you and never give undue importance of details. Deal with your own life, but sometimes it seems like you’re self-centered. One thing is certain: you are not plotting and do not talk. Drowning in life cliché and do not show excessive ambition. Before you come to terms with the situation, rather than having to pick up a revolution to achieve goals.

Hedonism is your main feature. You like to talk a lot and you’re full of extraordinary experiences. Moves you money and if you do not, you are subject to and depressed moments of despair. You like to deal with, and sometimes other people’s problems to its suppressed. However, know how to be a good and loyal partner / friend.