Appearance and character-Sagittarius general characteristics (ASTRO)

The third autumn Sign, sign of Sagittarius, by nature belongs to the fire and has the characteristics of melancholy because of the season. Sagittarius is the house of Jupiter and exaltation dragon’s tail on the 3rd level. The first dean belongs to Mercury, the second month, a third Saturn. Male dvotelesni sign incorrect figures, is divided into two parts. The first part of the folk, royal and noble, while another part of the animal and the Government of cloven-hoofed animals. Has a predatory beast and ground insects, has little children, the ruler of the resourcefulness, scholarship and art. Since the human body belong to his thighs.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. Consider this a sign of belonging to the period from 23 November to 21 December. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter, the planet is very benign, which they donated to the incredible courage and good luck in everything.


Members of this sign are extremely wise and intelligent. It is interesting that in old age almost never suffer from dementia. He says the idealists and often entertain the idea of ​​universal love and peace in the world. They are very social and open. They have a fantastic sense of humor and tireless talking. The movements are im very fast, but can often be both clumsy. Although very well-intentioned, when they notice that people are trying to take advantage of their generosity, ruthlessly set them in place. Do not tolerate authority, and always for new social rebellion.


Members of Sagittarius are brutally honest and full of life. Because of their wide smiles and lively and many are willing to forgive them a bunch of reckless stuff and nonsense that they are able to pronounce without any tact. Given that they are not malicious and to speak only what you really think, because often regret their words. Although they believe that they are born diplomats and that they are unable to hurt anyone, his behavior constantly contradict themselves.

Friendship Sagittarius openly and honestly, and many complain that it is not enough tactful, but his heart is uncorrupted. When it is short way from what we thought to what he says. Always looking for excitement, and his serious and nervous people who are afraid of the changes are not exactly best friends.

Shooters are extremely brave and not afraid of anything. Like risk, even to him and enjoy. Nothing can so quickly after the success cheer as risky moves. They can be very irresponsible, childish and refused to accept the seriousness of life. They are simply happier when you do not think about it and enjoy their peace of mind. Eternal optimists. In addition, the very freedom-loving and simply do not hold a seat. They love to travel and like sports and nature. They have a tendency to religion, although in older age they lose some of the earlier conviction.

Considering their hedonistic approach to life, can be prone to exaggeration in food and drink. Gallant are unaffected, tolerant, ambitious and fair, although they may be prone to boasting and arrogance. Confident are independent.

Sagittarius is a very strong personality, but they are comfortable in the company of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This is because the representatives of these characters not only know how to listen to them, but to admire them. Business, a more socially, are associated with Aries and Leo.

Plans real pretty rough and details when they come, they very cleverly and quickly managed to solve them. Successfully manage all actions and do not tolerate any kind of improvisation in this direction. They are confident in themselves and their actions and do not avoid discussing about them. Then come forward and therefore have a lot of hidden enemies. Almost every opportunity used to say all the truth in the face, they often becomes a habit, and seem presumptuous. They are very self-conscious and always think far in advance, which is why I can not understand ordinary everyday life, which are often reproached, and sometimes that i know how to exaggerate.

Some shooters carry negative traits of the sign, which means you can not take unnecessary risks, while almost nothing to learn from its own mistakes. They have created head for money, always exaggerate the expenditure. Often love to gamble.

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