Aquarius-Fixed stars in the zodiac sign

In Aquarius, the 0 degree is ALBIREO, the star, which underlines the success, but also insensitivity. To success can be reached by mail travel. Stressed sense of humor, irony and sarcasm. Napoleon was here a Month. ALTAIR on one level creates a fearless nature with big ambitions and always brings prosperity and a high position, but it is not permanent. Dabih at level 3, brings a lot of change of life and emphasizes disharmoničnost equality, so that women often look like men and vice versa. DOLPHIN at 17 degree nature Mars – Venus emphasizes immorality, but also exceptional literary talent. Dante is here a Month, Charles Dickens sun at 18 degrees, a Goethe Uranus. Danebo Algedi at 23 degrees, highlights the amazing people of intelligence and ability to enter into the core of the problem, although it is often associated with alcoholism, sexual problems and brutality, considering that it is a square Algol. This degree emphasizes the astrologers, but also politicians, what was Lincoln, or scientists, what was Charles Darwin with the sun on this star.