AQUARIUS-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

AQUARIUS ON – Because he thinks he can do whatever he wants and who wants only a matter of time when it will go through his head: perhaps when you ask him any requirement or prohibition. If you notice a change in his behavior that ranges from curry favor with the growing nervousness over to mild hysteria, it might still wavering; if wisely silent and smiles, but this should be your signal for danger, though not have to mean anything – for man Aquarius never know what the others have clear at a glance, including fraud. Forgiving unfaithfull partner and forgotten if he cheated once it has cooled down, and may even continue to be in a friendly relationship with her and – with him.

AQUARIUS ONA – Having considered that it allowed everything and men, because it does not recognize gender bias, but almost never stalking or checking your partner, the wife of Aquarius looks like – easy prey. Her spontaneity and casual flirting is a direct appeal to the deceiver and the conquerors, and even those who would only be in her company. E, there will already come across the thin ice, hard wall or will simply be stunned by her reaction that will be anything but acceptance. She embarks on a relationship when she felt that it wants and who she wants, with music, drinks and a story that she feels, and will even have a guilty conscience that anyone is cheating. Therefore hardly fits the classical relationship and are reluctant to get married, because they contain too many rules, too much commitments, and is not even the birth of a child does not have to make him change his mind.