Aquarius / Gemini characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

The genius of Aquarius and Gemini are some elasticity your balance in this combination. But such a combination is always on the verge of collapse: both Air signs constantly looking for the opportunity to spread at the expense of the other. Sometimes clear intellect Gemini overwhelming utopia and irrational world of Aquarius, from which it draws its strength. Sometimes triumphant idealism and individuality of Aquarius.

A Malagasy proverb says: “wildcat vain will be a prankster, time will not gain public appreciation.” This may be a condition of Aquarius – Gemini, the third party, the original being, zanetog communication. His usual good humor makes it a prominent social and from it emanates a feeling of diversity that its environment is often because of Inception and altered, as it suffered the impact of an unwavering conviction, available in natural and unconscious of the sympathetic and enthusiastic personality that is primordial counsel and personal freedom that knows no limits other than those which it has set itself.

This then super – intellectual in the zodiac; His vivid and clear intelligence, suppleness of character, interest in others and the gift of psychological observation are the main advantages of his social adaptability. He can not be met simply by accepting the behavior on the circumstances, even reshaping their attitudes as a function of current idea, but likes to confront his personal conception of the light by his environment, media, bringing his experience. He knows how to stay awake for all that can enrich his or her personality in a unique way.

This way of being and develop it is often placed on the edge of the community of mortals, not always well accepted by his fellows. So he knows the “solitude of runners from the bottom” and have his way with stubbornness one who knows that nobody can come running in his place. Often it happens, during the promotion, to open new avenues to the moral or material plane or in the field of ideas …

– You are fun, lively, restless. Social contacts with people are very important to you. Amazing is the ease with which you communicate. You have the ability to manipulated with a few things or people at a time and you do not seem to confuse. Variability you depends on the subsequent, often wiser thinking and must learn to concentrate and not act impulsively. You have a tendency to be announced this and it does not always fill what they promise. Since you are able, witty, superficial society we forgive the line you have.

Though cleverly faking it when necessary, thanks to the resilience of character and skills to customize the behavior of the environment, you still avoid to give up their personality and depth to radically questioning their views. Extremely irritable, constantly on the go, all you want to know all the surprises you. Lack of patience will affect your life to be stormy and full of changes. Forever you’ll stay young at heart, and every day we build a new world. Beware, if you set the team pace breakdown is not far …