Aquarius, happy birthday to you! Individualists, freelancers, inventors, adventurers …..

Individualists, freelancers, inventors, adventurers. You are the people who are going ahead of time. This is your period as the Sun enters your sign. Take advantage of their potential!

People born under the sign of Aquarius is very easy to recognize because of the frequent use of the word – a friend. They are often lonely and misunderstood by the environment. They live in the future, only occasionally returning to the present.

Surrounding them often does not understand, and therefore often happens that even more withdrawn into himself. Astrologers say that the Aquarian what one thinks today, the world will think only in fifty years. These are individuals who are not willing to run for others. At the same time shy and punchy, rebellious and independent spirit that always tested and friends and enemies, and events and things.

For Aquarius, we can say that it is an unusual combination of cold and tact, but also instability. Romantic, but not in the classic sense: you may forget your birthday or not to make delicate old memories, but is ready to do everything in order to present you something to which you care deeply about. They are slightly different from each other, they recluse who often roam among the clouds and held away from the crowds. They love the freedom and independence and the worst thing that could happen to her was that someone restricts freedom. People born under this zodiac sign are unpredictable, unruly and resourceful. They love technology and all forms of communication with the world.

Parts of the body associated with this sign are calves, ankles and circulation.

He did not fall for the seductive views, it is more important to be mentally attracted. In love, not jealous nor possessive. Aquarius needs a job that will not weigh you down independent thinking and in which to appreciate his genius. Whatever the business deals, it is important to have a lot of freedom.

Occupations for Aquarius are: engineer, computer scientist, researcher, physician, pilot, an astrologer. Scientist…