Aquarius-Love relationship, astrological indicators (astrology)

Related man in Aquarius – Aquarius adorns a kind of warm spontaneity which attracted the interest of women. In his connections, he will quickly show its independent propensity that loves its freedom. If the girl is not ready to accept it as such, then you can immediately start searching for another man. He will not have time for a partner who does not share his interests. His mistress has to be a good friend. Aquarius will not be passionate, or too emotional in their attitudes about love. His unpredictability will make it exciting and courageous lover today, but totally uninterested next day. He’s not the type of man for demanding, possessive wife. His partner must be an independent woman who has her own life and interests. He will be honest and loyal partner.

Related wife in Aquarius – a woman in Aquarius has a magnetically attractive phenomenon that captivates the opposite sex. Just as beautiful, it is also intelligent. Intellectual her relationship means more than sexual compatibility. In love, she will shine. This woman will not demand that she too favors. Do not be fooled not give false declarations of love. There is something unattainable at Aquarius, and to maintain her interest, her partner must be willing to give her something new and exciting. She loves spontaneity. Her approach to love is in the form of ideals and dramas, rather than practicality. Romance is an asset for this type of woman. Her partner must accept her independent personality.