AQUARIUS – Money? About him to think about next year! (ASTRO)

You could make a fortune, but when he wanted to, but he was preoccupied with lofty ideas about saving the world. Money was not on the priority list, but if it gets to him, just having a lot of luck. Aquarius usually for tens of thousands of euros sell something that is long and hard, and soon no electricity and gas. Fortunately, it is easily extracted from financial difficulties because of his active mind always finds its way to the money. He likes to be his own boss, and his erratic income created financial problems. Aquarius wants a relationship in which both partners earn the same, but when spending is rigid. He does not like to lend to others and asking that his money back on time. Shopping was not interested, but when you engage in it, spends too much. Moto – money may or may not.