Aquarius-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


Until Mars resides in Scorpio, in your tenth box, possible changes to the business plan. Given that Saturn is retrograde until August 13, when he moved to direct the movement and that it is during this period joins Mars, it is possible that only then that conditions are right for a major change, or a business arrangement in which you are waiting for some time. But change itself will not go fast. It is a serious aspects of the “accidental” planets always involve longer periods. In this case, it is about starting a new cycle concerning the transaction to whose realization will come much later. This means that you should arm yourself with patience and do not expect quick results, whatever they do. On the other hand, if you consistently work towards the goal regardless of obstacles, you can hope for great achievements. Do not go jumping into shady deals because the potential losses due to someone else’s misjudgment.


Stellium of planets in your field in the seventh mark this period as one of the most important this year, it is necessary that what you are thinking when it comes to love, into action as soon as possible, because the deadlines are short. If it does not start at the start of the period, the chances of change are reduced in proportion to the passage of time. The first part of the cycle from 22 July to 5 August is suitable period for the resolution of all unresolved problems and situations, and the period after that is ideal for summarizing the results, or if you do not take advantage of an opportunity for philosophizing about missed opportunities. It depends on which of these two scenarios will be topical. So, be prepared for the important decisions. If you are free, you’ll enjoy making new friends and friendly relations, and it is possible that new faces in the crowd and you encounter a person made for you.


Health is solid, but you are prone to frequent changes of mood, because disordered thinking. Treat yourself more moments of pleasure and relaxation.