Aquarius-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: December is the month to get meetings and meetings to plan future work. It is important that you have a working system, and you turn your ideas. You will have at one time many offers, you may not be able to decide which way to go, but it prevents you from retro Merkur located in the field of the friends and associates from abroad. Wait until this aspect is over and the faster you will achieve the goal of others. Mars in your tenth house of 9 December will give solutions, but also a good profit, and even a fast buck, where you did not expect. You have enhanced intuition when plans are concerned, you will probably advise the other, but still keep the best for themselves. There comes a time of operation, large organizations affairs, cooperation with foreign countries.

Love: The true nature of Aquarius is going to solitude. Often you are tired of others, especially from people who are possessive. Do you have a sudden encounter in a society at the beginning of the month. One will surely delight and was born under the sign of Sagittarius. Maybe take an adventure but somewhere leave. Sagittarius would be ideal at this time because it relaxes you from all your burdens that you have during the day. Those who are married can be full of understanding for the effort you put in to succeed in life together, but watch out for the Mercury retrograde, which says more misunderstanding than true fight.

HEALTH: You need to deal with spiritual exercises. Psychophysical relaxation is something you need as imperative. Zapostavljajte not going to control it with specialists, ultrasound, visit your dentist or doctor.