Aquarius-monthly horoscope for December 2021.


Aquarians have a reason to rejoice. From the 7th of December, Venus enters your sign and field personalities, a fact that you and the other transits rather “caress” in this period, it is more than likely that you will be noticed wherever they appear. Chances of emotional contacts will be opened virtually overnight, and can go through the segment friends, dates or social networks. Because Mercury, the planet that rules your falling in love, the retrograde stroke and a box of secrets, some of you may not get back the emotional relationship that they already had before, or they will in turn decide to love start away from prying eyes. In any case, remember – in December – you are the one who chooses! Therefore, choose wisely …. During this month will not be a surprise if you engage in a relationship with someone who is older than you, or if you find your luck on a journey, or abroad. Literally – unlimited possibilities! If you are already in an emotional relationship, you have no problems during the month of December. Be sure that with the voluntary person truly enjoy every day. Your relationship can be deepened, strengthened …. and if you are already thinking about acquisitions, now you might be more active on this issue.


You have more than enough energy, but you sometimes lack patience and diplomacy to get to some of its goals. By joining Venus in your sign at the end of the first week of December, you can get an extra dose of charm and the ability to convince interlocutors, literally, he “placed under the skin.” Use these their predispositions, as they will be highlighted throughout this period. The thing you have to pay attention to the costs. You, when my hands on some more pounds, I do not know how to put aside, but to run as soon as you spend. E, so it will be during this month – as long as you earn (and earn good) you will be able to list. On the other hand – some debts you are over your head and try to put an end to them to the new 2017 entered into a much calmer. In the third decade of December, you can have a couple of confusing situation, but you resolve them quickly. Overall – a predisposition for December are very good!


Entering the third decade of this month, you are entering into a period when you will more likely than usual to have problems with immunity. There may be headaches, insomnia, and reactivate some chronic ailments in older members of the signs, especially if they are associated with the spine and legs.