Aquarius-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


Dear Aquarius busy, do not forget that your box of secrets active during the first half of February. I very. I know that the partner does not bloom roses and not always that you need occasionally to relieve and relax, but I’m not sure that’s really the smartest way to do it – interfering with a relationship or communication with the parties. Yes, it is true that you will perhaps console ourselves that slogan – what you do not know, can not hurt – but do not let things persuade otherwise. The very large chance that your funny business on the side to be discovered or even surmised, then there could be a large mess. Be aware, however, calculate how much you are worth it. If you decide to stay “good” rest assured that there will be a few moments when you would prefer to run away from the person I loved her nagging, but in the second half of February, everything will calm down and fall into place. Venus in transit through your sign will bring an increase in love and unity, and again you go back to each other. Be patient, better days are coming. If you are alone, but it is certain that you will at no time be really lonely. Friends are all the time with you, and you enjoy going out and charms of complete freedom. Waiting for you a few simple flirting, you are a little more or a little adventure awaits you at the easier option – all in all – enjoyment to the bone. It is possible that there is someone I secretly think where I did not dare yet to start some serious topics, but I for it will open up opportunities in the second half of February. There you love.


Despite other planetary positions, which will be good, do not forget to Mars during this entire period throws square to your sign of Scorpio and field supervisors, positions, career. Namučićete to you to get to what you want, but will still mitigating circumstances after you activate the second half of this month. The entry of Mercury and Venus in your sign will bring you the necessary activation in the right direction, towards the changes that you now need. Some Aquarians will get a well deserved satisfaction for the effort – through a change in position, promotion or greater financial inflows. Your skills will greatly come to the fore, so do not be surprised if you arrive a job offer from the person with whom a long time cooperate. Think carefully about this chance. Longtime colleague or friend with whom you know has long been the right way to implement one of your ideas. Might be worth to consider pooling I run a second job. Monetary conditions in the push-pull hip. You have a lot of debts.


It is time to activate, and it can now. You’re too sat down, and now I will have a chance to put on a few pounds, it is necessary recreation. You have pain in the spinal column, and there is a burden on joints. Milder stomach problems will be ongoing in the second part of the month.