Aquarius-monthly horoscope for January 2021st


Love: Your ruler, Uranus, before the end of December he went direct action and many of Aquarius will feel the positive energy inflow, which will only increase the festive mood and socializing with people you care about. But the mood is one, and the relationship with your partner something different, so the first decade of the month to be a bit tense in the primary relationships and marriages. You would be on one side, a loved one to the other. Can you fail to agree not on some most essential issues. It is possible that your partner blame you find more time for friends than for moments together. To be honest, it is probably in this segment is quite right. However, it is important that this is only a brief period of disagreement, after which we should have a lot more calm and less jolty road ahead. Just one piece of advice for you – a person you are very interesting and you may at some point actually want something more than a friendly ćeretanja and socializing. Think twice before you do something that would upset your emotional connection. Those who are free to have contact by a former partner emotional. That’s all fine and dandy as long as it remains only the congratulations for the new year. I would not had to be involved in anything of this type, although it is evident that you will at some point be tempted to once again try your luck here. Better you check the second decade of January. The person you meet through friends or leaving it just to suit you – interesting, funny, unusual. Someone who will “on the flash ‘interest and win.

Business: You will need a little more mental strength to deal with the first half of January, which is quite burdensome for you. Some people working against you, competition is active, but not you, in addition to this, you will not be just the amount of tasks that you set. You can have bad relations with superiors or be rebuked because of errors in the paperwork or arrangements from the previous period. Services you would expect from a friend will remain only a promise, but if you expect support from an authority, it will be prolonged. All in all – hard. The situation is changing for the better in the second decade of January and when that comes literally overnight. In private will to manifest itself through a strong cooperation and in other Aquarius to be cooperation with friendly strangers or service that you are in a business pushes forward. The last decade has improved in terms of money, but I have to mention that the inflows will generally only be able to cover the expenses that you previously had. As one solid positive zero …

Health: Considering that you have stellium of planets in the field of the subconscious, and that in January there will be the new moon, it seems to me that you will be quite loaded in the psychological sense. It is possible that you have exhausted the tension before the holidays, and you’ll feel much of January as a deflated balloon. The remedy for this situation is always hanging out with the people you love and who love you. A and recreation can help to clear your head.