Aquarius-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: It is not unusual that at this very time opens new original ideas. Here’s where you come to your visions and projects. You need to relax and everything will lie on your own. Maybe you could make a ravoluciju related to the Internet or communicate via the call center. Mars, the ruler of the tenth box in your career field ninth abroad – is something you got to do now or never. You will be open to new jobs, new ideas, but be sure that you always ask for everything. You need to take care of the 20 November because then the real weight aspect to Pluto but money can not slip out of your hand if you do not make a good plan. Cooperation with Taurus, Aries, Capricorn – can bear fruit. End of the month – big money destined for the majority of Aquarius.

LOVE: Aquarius that were longer relationship will want calmness, will suit them the status. However, many will get involved in a relationship with someone who is busy, has a marriage behind him, perhaps children. This is not a good recommendation nor perspective, but Venus falling in Scorpio will provide attraction to personalities who have had a little black magic impulse.

HEALTH: Minerals, vitamins, spa, massage treat this constellation.