Aquarius-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


Drage free Aquarius – transiting Mars enters your field of personality at the end of the first decade of November and you will, to put it mildly – to be ready for action! You are entering a period when for you literally no more peace. Going, social activities, contacts with many people, with friends via social networks. All these places will be the scene of your great activities, because you want to have fun, win. Some of you may embark on an adventure and with a person who had already for some time friend. Whatever you do, do not get care – you will enjoy and be satisfied pleased. Since the second half of November one of these contacts can be converted into the more serious story than you expect. So serious that some of you will perhaps I want to settle down … .If you are the longer a relationship or marriage, you must be aware of one thing – your emotional relationships will work and only when, in the love I have a friend, if you can with the other party to talk about any concerns and problems. This way you will provide support to each other and there is no force that keep you apart. If you do not have a partner with such an attitude, it is possible to report a lack of understanding between the two of you. You can consider the other party restricts freedom, while the partner think that you behave inappropriately his age …


By the end of the first decade you are in a disadvantaged business position. Some things can wait, some procrastinate and you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I accept this hardship, be patient, because things are turning in your favor. The situation in the business segment will be once I turn in front of you is a period with great activities, but also with excellent results. Pay only attention to the relationship with superiors, especially if you are from those who do not like their bosses “hanging over their heads.” A little more tact and communication with the authorities will be excellent. Count on a larger amount of the obligation, but also to his inexhaustible energy, and is more than likely that you will make some fine moves I open the door myself many cooperation, especially if you are from those who work with foreigners. Unemployed second part of the month brings an excellent opportunity not only to find a job, but to immediately obtain a contract for a long time. If you want additional business activity, and therefore more money in your pocket – the third decade of November gives you a chance to do so. Finances during this period will be more than satisfied.


Too many you during this month will be occupied obligations, a lack of will to rest. You yourself are aware that this immediately opens the door to declining immunity, and therefore I light susceptibility to bacteria, viruses, inflammation. If you wish yourself well – more relaxation, more good sleep I mnooooogo less annoying!