Aquarius-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: The good aspects of Mars and Pluto, which give you the power to improve the situation on the job. You begin to work seriously. If you’re a Pisces, which has naturally Jupiter in another field, this means that you will not live more than luck or grants from other VAC will seriously deal with their works and creative works. What I recommend is certainly everything that has to do with technology, machines, especially in the second half of the month and when you can do a great job in that field, but also money. Aquarians who have companies working in larger firms – increased their capital jobs from other countries.

LOVE: All you need to do is to be honest. As if you’re bored and you will weather during the month to spend more outside the home and thus deprive partners of love and passion. If you are married, then this is the time when you want to help your loved one to make sense of life, love, relationships with others. You’re a good spouse, keep it up.

HEALTH: You may not be good when it comes to mood, but it is organic. Beware of crashes, injuries, particularly head and beware of bodies in it.