Aquarius-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


While you and the emotional or spouse usually seek a compromise during the month of October, there will be a period of a couple who, in short, make turbulent situation in your relationship. During the second decade there will be the first controversy, mostly because if communication between the two of you to be a little weaker, and you’ll both have a “short fuse” and you made of small problems likely to make a fight of epic proportions. Fortunately, however, this will be one of your famous “storm in a glass of water,” meaning that you will very quickly both to calm down and realize that you are persecuted and annoyed no pressing need. And during the third decade of the Uprising another moment of conflict between the two, but this time it will be linked to the lack of time spent together, but will in no time I wake up some doubts transfer. Now, will you personally have “bullshit”, that only you know, but let’s be honest – there is a predisposition to a secret communication … Feel free Aquarius in October will have a much stronger social life than usual, so it is no wonder that you is easy to indulge in an interesting communication and mild flirtation. I will passions of the second part of this period simply break out with you, but will be very individual in the mood for a bit of casual contacts I fling. If you’re in the mood for something more permanent character, the second part of October is perfect for you – the phenomenon of people who will know how to properly give you walked and you “restrain” ….


New moon at the beginning of October, the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury – all these planets will emphasize your box abroad, a wider knowledge of expansion and development. It is evident that from Aquarius to a time when you are ready to expand their knowledge and whether I workload, and more will be rotated and to other areas where you could qualify for what you are doing. Venus in career field during the first half of the month brings you a correct relationship with superiors, but only if you accept to “play” in their conditions and adjust if certain requirements that you personally feel unnecessary. Many of you are in my head and some new plans and additional hiring, and some will even have negotiations with other companies, of course – away from prying eyes. Everything during this month you plan, its implementation will wait until November – so do not rush and do not make some decisions hastily.


Despite a lot of good planetary support your character, which will bring a stable immunity and low susceptibility to seasonal viruses and colds, it is in your subconscious Mars field, which indicates the occasional stress and mental “downs”. Try to rest and sleep enough.