Aquarius-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


The sun represents your emotional or spouse, and in early September will be clouded. It is obvious that a loved one or spouse during this period have big problems and it will be necessary for you to be willing to come to my help I provide a shoulder to cry on. Do not “escape” from a situation where you have a loved one needed such support, because it is necessary to be responsible for the person with whom you are in an emotional relationship. There is a tendency that some of you to distance themselves from a partner, not realizing that his behavior essentially shows that there is great personal problems which are difficult to fight. In this period it is necessary to be open-minded and to accept some compromises, even if you are not soaps. Despite all these tips, it’s quite possible that some of the relations during the September cease to exist. Not subject to hasty decisions, the period of the second part of the month will bring you back harmony and peace in your emotional relations … Feel free Aquarius – the planet that rules your field of love, Mercury, during most of September will be in retrograde stroke. It is possible that there will be less chance of love, and some of you I will try to renew the relationship with former intimate partner. In any case, communication with those you love, will occasionally “sees”. However, this does not mean that this is the month without a good opportunity for you – from mid-month moving with much more demanding activities, and the third decade of September brings you real love fruition.


In both Taurus business segment will undergo major changes in September. Solar eclipse falls in your field of someone else’s money, but I crisis and changes in businesses I can get to the situation where you have a problem to cope. It is obvious that you will have big problems with fundraising necessary financial resources, and it is possible that some money on you computer, and you need to settle the obligation, you can not get so easy. Also, half of the month are in your field of work and money going lunar eclipse, which will further contribute to the feeling destabilized, but I understand that it is necessary as soon as possible to make some radical shifts in business. However, the entry of Jupiter in your field expansion plans, foreigners at the end of the first decade – you yourself get a powerful support, which will be activated in the right way in the second half of September. The third decade of the month will bring you unexpected move to new collaborations, and some of you will this time find a brand new business or to accept additional engagement, which will recover your financial segment.


The first decade of the month is unfavorable in the health segment, which will be particularly felt by members of the older generation. Possible problems with digestion, abdominal work, but you could take on your blood work and check the condition of blood vessels. The rest of the month brings a solid health conditions.