Aquarius-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: Mercury in the sign of Leo gives Aquarius to pay more attention to your partner and associates with whom you like. You must accept the suggestion of a Leo or Aries, because they will lead to some interesting suggestions that one Aquarius is able to project into the real world. It will be a bit difficult when Mercury reverses – retro, but it is only a trial through which passes this constellation. As time goes by you will have a better relationship with associates, and confidence is growing day by day. Much money you can expect something before the fifteenth of the month. Any sign of Aquarius is innovative and ready for the challenges that they can improve not only her but also the entire business environment.

LOVE: Joining Venus in Aquarius gives Virgin to have a lot of energy and perseverance in the search for love. It is necessary to look for a partner abroad or through a social network. You will have the chance to person contact is busy or does not want to disclose his status. Be careful not to dwell on the emotional bomb. Mars in Aquarius boosts passion, lust, desire for domination. All aspects are good for a new beginning, or at least a new acquaintance. A good relationship with a Libra, actually passion with Gemini, develops emotions, and you are likely to launch a Scorpio waiting for a long time.

HEALTH: Pressure variable. You tend to excessive frustration.