Aquarius-Monthly Horoscopes for May 2021st


Stellium of planets in the field of home and family, but also the new moon in the first week of May in this segment – opens Aquarius that have their primary relationships and marriages a period when they can do many things for security and stability of your relationship with your partner. Partner in this month is much more stable than you, more focused on current events and the future, while you occasionally have their review, think about some of the problems that you loaded in your relationship. What is most important is the ability to get these things quickly and easily overcome. You need to spend as much time together, maybe it’s best to tuck in the comfort of your home and are you cooking together some nice plans. Some long emotional relationships can now go to the serious water and the two of you can opt for an important step in this regard. All in all – not even a little is not bad! If you are alone, the ruler of your field of love, Mercury goes retrograde stroke, it would be good to manete thinking about the emotional former partners and to stop themselves to transfer due to some failures of the past. Yes, it may be some concerns now and renewal, but the question is how much it would be permanent and would like to bring you the necessary satisfaction. I suggest you wait until the third decade of May, when the Sun and Venus entering your field of love. Some new stories can then be run, and you can feel the lively, enthusiastic and cheerful … love is here, close to you.


In both Taurus during this month complicated business situation. But far that May is no opportunity for advancement, you’ll just have to be more careful in their actions. Ruler fields of work and money, Jupiter moves direct stroke at the end of the first decade. From that moment, the changes in the business segment that you have raised in the past, will start to come to life and to be realized in an easier manner. However, the ruler of career fields, Mars, and still is going backwards, indicating a need for deliberation during this entire period. So – keep the speed down, aim good at what you do, make you omissions and errors, because do not forget – Mercury is unfavorably placed throughout May. Aquarius can now really enhance the private segment, and some will even enter into the partnership and focus on private enterprise. The third decade of May is fully and only yours, it’s time to rise and financial success in every aspect!


You yourself are aware that your energy forces are not inexhaustible. Make time for rest, relaxation, for when you are surrounded by people that bring a smile to your face. Changes in diet can now help a lot of the general state of the organism, but it will be necessary to include some form of recreation.