Aquarius / Pisces characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Two incomprehensible forces encountered in this combination, are separated and re-united in constant conflict will and self-love, conviction in its value and independent spirit that would eventually create the secure nature of their own superiority, immune complexes and downs spirit.

The combination of these two fixed signs are also borne by a permanent and visible tendency for possession, for social life in high style, a desire to always be at the center. The resistance is very prominent, especially when going towards a goal. A goal is usually higher social status and material security. Active energy and toughness are great, but they never show such aggression. However, such a person should not induce: then becomes angry and vengeful.

Optimistic and skeptical, ambitious and cautious, sometimes suspicious, possessive and generous, self-centered and sensitive, reckless and obsessive desire for power, Taurus – Leo do not always feel comfortable in their own skin. Often fall into the temptation of selfishness, irritability, snobbery and left to persecution, jealousy and abuse of confidence. In this case, the entire character of his poisoning by clipped and irrevocable attitudes and ideas, for which many people can be regarded as limited a person without self-criticism.

But when they rescued her psychological problems, strength of character as the most important quality of this ambitious, bold, impressive person, who believes in their capabilities. Basically it is able to carry out good projects to which the intent and importance to provide the background necessary for advancement. Defeat hurt her pride, but it does not make a violent towards her neighbor, if I was not overwhelmed with these criticisms and present her of her mistake.

Taurus – Leo is created for the efforts and often he’s going to find quite a comfortable place in the bosom of society and to keep it. Voluntarily renounces it for a better position only when he was sure that it was not in vain. His feelings are rarely the cause of fluctuation …

– Strong personality and you effortlessly dominate over others. Your turbulent emotional nature is presumed mental strength so that it gives the impression of a person who knows what she wants. However, sometimes you can be egotistical, stubborn and undisciplined. By nature egocentric and proud, you know how you finish, you are social, esthete, in a word, creative.

You are very fastidious about any election to be done. Calling for full and cultivate certain principles and mediocrity you pretty sad. You love all the trappings of luxury and first-class treatment. Ambitious you are, you have a rare capacity for work: all this will sooner or later bear fruit: a guarantee for success. You have the attitude, magnetism, ask a lot from others but from themselves. Your presence is felt in every situation, in everything you do you are dramatic and love that you project to the audience.

Your negative traits: badly placed and managed pride. Take care of your pride that will urge you to convince yourself that you are invincible. You are very noble, without looking for something in return, or respond painful when you are disappointed and scams that they have provided all their understanding and support …