AQUARIUS: Problems with veins -Health status zodiac signs

Last sign vazduhovog Trinity naturally is inflexible and original. His specialty some would call psychological problem, not even trying to understand that he is a different way of seeing the world. Members of this sign feel best when you do not have to adapt to others; when they do what they love, they feel good and healthy! Since this character manages the circulation of blood and lymph, and masters of the lower part of the body, lower legs and ankles, and this will be his vulnerable point. Its members are prone to problems with the blood and lymphatic circulation, varicose veins, painful or swollen feet, flat feet, blood clots, fractures of the ankle, and the distortion of hormonal imbalance and psychosomatic disorders.
Some difficulties may arise because of his lifestyle, as there are no measures in what he likes and how curious, all will try, however, and what will it damage your health. Thus, his innate good constitution seriously impair an unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sleep and irregular meals.
Accept alternative forms of treatment and natural medicine. Since essential oils help him the most rosemary for outdoor use, for indoor and valerian – to calm and good sleep.
Exercise: Cycling
The bicycle is a means of transport which, for many of Aquarius and the best sporting activity. Cycling will help them in eliminating anxiety and depression, making good their body and spirit. Eager for freedom and independence, Aquarius will be on the bike feel like a fish in water. Do take advantage of nice weather for a bike ride out of town, alone or in good company, you will feel healthier and calmer, and improve their venous circulation.