Aquarius-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

Aquarians are witty and cheerful people, full of ideas and romantic ideas, a little naive and unfamiliar with backdoor games. With everyone wants to be on good terms, and as tolerant and honest, that they often thrive. They differ not only from the other characters, but also with each other. It’s old astrological rule that no two of the same Aquarius, but most show some characteristics that they share. First of all, every Aquarius wants to be different. Even when it is quite average, myself will try to present a different way, and their thoughts and ideas as original and unique. There are plenty of ideas, but lacks a sense of the practical, but if there is someone who will help him in this, of all his plans, nothing will remain. Therefore, it works best as part of a team, where everything is achieved by exchanging ideas and working together.

This is a sign that adorns the altruism and that all conflicts would like to save the conversation. Abhors violence and aggression, even in loving relationships sober and calm. It is not easy to provoke, a voice raises the most when it comes to relationships. He is interested in improving living conditions and bringing people of all races, cultures and religions. He despises snobs and upstarts, and more than material wealth price spiritual values ​​and intellectual achievement. The past he is not interested, but the future – and it’s far away. Aquarius is a futurist, will be avant-garde, which is regularly one foot ahead of their time, often misunderstood and maladjusted his time and social environment.