Arab point of marriage and its aspects in synastry horoscopes Collateral – Sinastrija

Arab point is mentioned in the second century BC, when a famous astrologer Ptolemy wrote in his book Tetrabiblos. In modern astrology, again they returned to the character, but the best known is certainly the point of fortune.

We are here to deal with point of marriage, because it will indiviualnoj its position in the natal chart to explain the position and wishes of the client in relation to marriage, as well as events that we can expect.

In interpreting comparative horoscope, the Arab point of marriage will be of paramount importance, because through its position and aspects with planets in your partner’s horoscope, opening an entire new dimension to the interpretation of the potential for future relationships.

Only its calculation is very simple and reduces to the formula:

+ Asc-top boxes VII Venus

-Formula is the same for day and for night birth.

Table zodiac degrees:

0 ‘= 0 Aries’
0 ‘= Bull 30’
0 ‘Gemini = 60’
0 ‘Cancer = 90’
0 ‘= 120 Lava’
0 ‘= 150 Device’
0 ‘= 180 Scales’
0 ‘Scorpio = 210’
0 ‘Sagittarius = 240’
0 ‘Capricorn = 270’
0 ‘= 300 Aquarius’
0 ‘= 330 Fish’


The client is born with the ASC 22 ‘Aries, Dc (VII top boxes) 22 Libra, Venus is a 15’ Aries.
So Sabir: 22 + 202 (180 + 22) -15
We get the final number: 209

Which is converted into degrees 29 ‘Scales.

Once we have calculated the Arab point of marriage, we look at the field in which it is located, a ruler, a square occupied by the ruler, the relationship with the other planets.
Once we have calculated for both clients, we can move to the interpretation of the point of marriage horoscope.

Among najvažnjijim aspects are conjunctions, and Trigon and sextet returns relative support.

Arab point of marriage in conjunction with lights (Sun, Moon), and with Venus partners, will no doubt mark a sure sign of a huge amount of potential that these two people possess.

Arab point of the positive aspects of the Sun
I’ll bring a set of incentives couple, they seemed to not encounter major problems, but when it does, it will be resolved more easily than expected.
This position guaranteed wealth and common wealth.

Arab point of marriage in the positive aspects of the Moon
Give a pair of higher meaning, returning them to the importance of family stability, peace.
People who have this position point of marriage, they feel drawn to their fate, following internal impulses (which are mainly related to family), make their life function.

Arab point of marriage in a positive aspect with Venus
-is the surest sign that the marriage was digging out of love.
There are also looming large abundance and material wealth, but all the gains of the two men stems from their mutual emotion.

Arab point of marriage in a positive aspect to Saturn
-the last aspect which we report, which is of crucial importance, because here occurs fateful moment, what is sealed, and that from which we can not escape.
No means always easy relationship, but it certainly gives an incredibly stable couple, especially in times of crisis.