Are we (be) death? Three incarnations are always associated with a story, lesson or event!

Not all topics that make people appear beautiful astrologer. But are all part of life. Like death, for example. Most of the questions I receive in relation to this matter, getting from journalists, or people who are not interested in analyzing their horoscopes, but rather a philosophy of astrology operates on this topic. In everyday life, we live our lives, but we are interested in topics related to money, love, work, and health, and to death and we do not think. That’s fine, but certainly there are people who are interested, but maybe they do not want to ask. The theme of death is almost forbidden in everyday life, even though we’ve always associated with it, the fears, failures, disease information and it like a dark cloud over the heads of our states. It forces us to think about the finality. It scares us. And we really have to relate to it just as much as the moment of birth, since both only certain – that we were born and we die, and everything else can be but does not have. So here’s to explain how astrology is looking at this question, what kind of information she can give us on this issue, and what it teaches us.

Horoscope as we know that the circle is divided into 12 houses or fields, which is setting the planet on that day in the sky. Immediately, without any astrological knowledge we can understand that nowhere in that circle has no end, because the circle is the geometric body, just like our planet and all the planets in the sky, circular in shape, and the beginning and end can not be defined. Our birth is defined first breath on Earth and breath defines where the beginning of our circle, and from that point the house, but the place we can not see, we can only go back to the same point where we were born, so in that circle can visit circle, or a place we can not say where he was. It talks about the philosophy of astrology bears – which connects to all the old civilization philosophies, from Egypt, Buddhist naraočito but also Indian – that the current incarnation of one of a series in which our soul frequented by the body to materialize, it would realized and experienced life on Earth, and after the physical disappearance of the material, our soul lives on and again the following reinkarira body and the second time, and so on. Many other religions have never been clearly defined this term, nor does it deal with the question of what happens after death, and how they relate to this topic, and is closer to the people. To be able to live a full life, to be able to be relieved in everyday life, we must be aware that we are final. We should embrace life and to live, just because we know that we will go away, but in the form in which we are now. Buddhist and Zen Buddhist philosophy speaks about the most – and tells us that we are at all times vigilant and ready to death can come suddenly. Therefore, they write books and books on the subject, how to prepare for this moment, to easily move from one state to another. The moment of death is, therefore, the greatest transformation of energy that happens in our life, we cease to be a limited body of our energy goes somewhere else, and therefore death can be the most traumatic moment in my life, precisely because there is no preparation for it. Again in staroistočnim civilizations and their books, they say that this moment defines our next birth, but after it is vital that every preparation to easily leave the body to the next incarnation of the lighter and happier.

To get back to astrology. The eighth house, the house that the government sign of Scorpio, and its rulers, Mars and Pluto are known for their very dangerous and malefic influence in the horoscope. Especially when and if they can operate with other poor, ie. dangerous planets, then bring serious accidents and various other danger to life. But when a person survives the bad influence – through a variety of bad events, then long remain traumatized, which in turn causes the fear, panic and life is sometimes a person can live can live as before. The eighth house is therefore a house of death. But as I said, in the chart, there are 12 houses and after the eighth house there are four. So it is not the last house. In astrology, she describes the moment of death, in the physical sense, and the other relating to life after death, then go to heaven (ninth house or go to another dimension), then describes the conception and birth of the next. Part of astrology that deals with this issue in particular is called karmic astrology and horoscopes that are made in this area are called karmic horoscopes. We can see what were our previous incarnation, past lives and we get a lesson in this for past actions and the work we have done. We are actually at the same time, we live in the past but also make future life, because what we are doing now directly links our next life. What would you say, as we sow so we reap in the next life. We come to it again ourselves somehow weave and present and future life and that we are conditioned by past life, which we also own tailored … Three incarnations are always associated with a story, lesson or event through three lives, we must become aware of and learn that . to correct. So all the horoscopes of people who are no longer with us, and still exist, they do not disappear, but we no longer makes sense to look at these charts.

Our moment of death is directly dependent on the acceptance of the moment of death. The way emotions, time and space happens when the last exhalation is formed from our thoughts and opinions on this subject, as well as our very existence in this incarnation. Again, it must be said that our beliefs, attitudes and religion plays a big role in creating and designing our last time in this telu.Grčevito denial, rejection of death, fear, užasnunost, long freeze and everything else that goes along with this sort of thing very easily leads to pain that creates the bad situation of the transition from one world to another. The darkest point of the horoscope is precisely the point of transition from eighth to ninth. A ninth house is light, the sky and the vast space, width and acceptance. House of Wisdom, knowledge and records of all souls.

What scares us the most is ignorance. But that would accept some knowledge we have to approach it, think about it, to import into your consciousness. Something scares us just because we do not know anything about it. But then should not we make of it something awful and that to refuse, because that in itself is called difficulty.

Every life transition from one age to another, in the past, people celebrated through an initiation. So they made many holidays (birth, 40 days, starting school, the transition from childhood to youth, from youth to adulthood, etc. – these are all important in our lives when we move from one part of our life to another, or changing energy) . Our elders knew that it was necessary to give the importance of these events, not because of the events themselves but for the moment in time where we are, because both ourselves into disillusion that we actually reached that age. Deci’s important to celebrate your birthday, it is important to us to celebrate Easter, to celebrate every success to meeting with dear people actually give a message to the universe that we have reached the point where we are, and that started the second point. In order to develop. When people come to the end of this life until the moment of death, often refuse to enter into that moment so that you deny or ignore – and this is what most hinders themselves but also others around them, so as to cling to the form and matter, and then there is an imbalance, pain, and the rough passage in a second dimension. A very important thing for us is to prepare for it. Because we are willing, the moment when you need to reach the transition will be easy, fast and will not be suffering.

In the natal chart each planet, in addition to certain traits, which Governments and the specific time period of life. There are planets that are young (ie, describing the children, youth, youth) and old people and old age. Moon and Mercury are planets that are related to our childhood while Venus, the Sun and Mars, our youth and part of life when we are most productive (21 yrs. To 56 yrs), then Jupiter and Saturn, which govern mature age. In astrology, the planet Saturn and its cycle is taken as the normal life of every person (Uranus needed 84 years to make one circuit around the Earth), and astrologer, due to certain weather often takes this as a parameter for some general analysis. If any of these planets particularly badly placed and there is no good aspects with other planets, it can be a sign that people in this period of life can have life-threatening. According to some esoteric there are 5 points (moments) in the chart, ie. in every man’s life that were agreed before this incarnation, when they can independently get out of life (eg. that unconsciously or consciously decide that it can not continue, suicide or some other means) and that means that it has failed to do its job, or a lesson in this life, and wants to get out of this life, especially her hinders next incarnation.

And in the end I can only say that to me as an astrologer, as I look at the past and future lives through maps of past and future lives, more and more clear that the hairline or energy vibrations between these two worlds, and that’s all a circle, the spiral of life in which the tunnels from life and death, in and out. But, regardless, we have to accept matter where we are now and we most likely have created, and in itself can make a balance of matter and energy that could in the best version of yourself to give in stages that we feel that we are very important and to live this life with less fear and more with wonder – because what we know or what we do not see very much there.

We always have the support of ancestors behind us, guardian angels, all those who were so left in our lifetime, and many current soulmates from the distant past that have decided to be at this point in time with us on earth to help us to make that balance – of karma and dharma, which seeks to clean a little bad actions of the past, a little rest a little make a good future for the next life. Life is like that, neither black nor white, but very colorful!

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