Are you one of them? Zodiac signs that fall in love with ‘the ears’

They say that love and pain go together, but some people are endowed with more common sense, a lack of romance and enthusiasm they did not bother to love and have a stable relationship. They easily getting over the failed relationship, because even in the beginning were not so charmed that they retreated into the depths of disappointment collapse. However, if you are in a horoscope Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you do not belong to these guys in love reasonable. But, you are endowed with the ability to feel more intensely and to give more than others.


A woman born in the sign of Aries is so eager passion that is able to forget any risk in love, and he is mainly that end up giving more than it receives. She does not think precautionary, rather than completely surrender compared, as well feel only when you feel deeply and strongly. She’s willing to try and give our best to make the relationship work, but it often results in the fact that she is only engaged in a relationship – she plans, organizes it, she realizes the way carries the entire emotional charge attitude. With her partner is comfortable and cozy, but it makes him lazy and static, and gives room to be quite ruthless and selfish – it will and so on itself to perform. Aries women often end up alone and lonely in a relationship, wondering what was wrong. But how passionate and dedicated, they are independent and full of self-confidence and self-esteem and will not long tolerate bad treatment. Will end the relationship you have not been evaluated, although they will not break my heart.


Gemini love the excitement and challenge that provides entry into a new relationship. The excitement of a new partner brings jitters, anxiety and fear, but the woman was born under the sign of Gemini feels such a strong attraction that it is able to overcome their own fear and discomfort that comes completely honest and open with their feelings. Initially, it will blink and orbit around your partner and be a little tough in order to please him, meet, read thoughts. Her feelings are intense and she finds a thousand ways to express them and that its warmth informed partner, but its links are not permanent. When fascination goes, someone else will attract and will find yourself in love with love excitement and new opportunities to again experience the adrenalin new connections. She finds it difficult to commit and achieve a long and stable relationship, but always surrenders with the same passion and intensity.


As nobody, Libra knows how to love at our peril. The depth of its loyalty alleges that puts partners in front of him and does what is best for him, although it is not good for itself. She never quarrels and conflicts do not always find a compromise and infinitely forgiving and dedicated. He acts in accordance with their emotions, but it is completely open and vulnerable and often she is going to be hurt, because her partner does not return with the same sensitivity and openness. Libra sees the best in people, it is easy to get carried away and his love rises to worship, at the risk of being misunderstood and hurt, giving the best of themselves inadequate partner.


Sagittarius A woman is brazen and bold in their relationship, she stands as to lead the army in the war, but her love is so strong and conquering, there’s no easier way to express it and realized. In this struggle, it is ready to hurt and she does not care, it takes passion and is not interested in what happens after that, does not want to calculate how not cracked all their weapons and to her relationship lasted longer. Only courageous partner will not scare from this invasion of his heart, mind and will. And she’s such a search and i do not complain about injuries and pain in that quest, because it is better to have loved and lost, than to have loved at all.


A woman born under the sign of Aries does not calculate with their emotions, acts guided by their feelings, do not play any games and does not try to protect not to be violated. When loves, she fully believes partner, was opened to him, and not afraid to be vulnerable. She quickly recognize love, easy and leaves her more than anything a price emotionally honest relationship. It is confidential and quick guard down, but she understands the risk, as it has already experienced the pain of love. However, it is certain that love is worth the risk.