Aries Horoscope-marriage and marriage … Meet qualities of your partner …. (ASTRO)

RAM – wife

Some zodiacal signs, regardless of whether it is called. “Male” or “female”, create better women than men, and vice versa. Aries is a very masculine character, but men Rams are not as “pure” types, so then there is a loss of power of the character. A woman born under this sign is one of the most female types zodiac.
Rams All women are beautiful women who answered only by ambitious men. They have a brilliant, independent mind and body are healthy. They like to spend their time in a constructive and clever conversation, good and respected company. Sometimes they want to help, even to interfere in the business of her husband. A woman of this type will never see her die of boredom, or lounging in bed complaining of all sorts of pain. It is primarily active, noble and true comrade to her husband.
It looks nice and tries to impress. He’s very proud of her appearance. Pride is one of its strongest assets. Almost always has an extremely high opinion of himself and his family and will never hesitate to publicly acknowledge what many cite jealousy.
Jealousy and desire to compete in the social sense, the two are its worst features. She’s jealous whenever her husband does not pay enough attention. She knows that good and that is why he wants to be a husband to concentrate only on it and nothing more. This type luckiest woman alive in a marriage, if married to a passionate and possessive man. She also sacrifice for his family. So much can be a noble and generous, not only to his family but also to others, so others often leads to the commitment that they are unable to meet.
Aries woman most appropriate type of aggressive man. She in no case may not suit withdrawn, shy, or in any way “soft” type. She can love only those who deeply respected and valued, if a man knows how to treat her in a helpful way and if he accepts the dominant role in all Aries woman will be his life.

RAM – wife
If there is a “clean” type of Aries, it may be very desirable for all types of closer contacts. It belongs to the group of men of whom dream of all girls. It has a romantic idea about what they want from their wives or women in general: in the first place, a woman must be beautiful, smart, and only then good.
In the opinion of the kovencionalan, so it’s not in love unrelenting “bohemian” type of romance. Of the women they choose, look for a high morality in every respect, although often themselves do not adhere to these standards. In fact, he does not tolerate any type of random “love affair”. It is open, but is always looking for some kind of satisfaction out of the house: the most common is to sex, because if it’s in the house does not meet, it will search for it on the other side.
Aries man is proud, is a complete personality and through his whole life agrees romantic woman calls. His biggest problem in marriage is how to satisfy his romantic conception of physical love. In this field there are almost insatiable appetite that can not sublimate. A woman who wants Aries to her husband, can count on the longevity of these links, if only to him USLADA physically or sexually.