Aries is an initiative and leadership, as well as free will …..

Mythology: Aries the Golden Fleece on which Friks and Hela fled stepmother. He later sacrificed in honor of the god Zeus and his fleece hung on the oak tree in the forest.

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Planet Ruler: Mars

Harmonious expression: brave, active, optimistic, independent, vital, driving force

Inharmonious expression: aggressive, angry, loves to compete, selfish, impulsive

Archetype: Aries is the archetype of the heroic act. An initiative and leadership, as well as free will. It is a struggle despite the fear and the path to ideals. Creation, the beginning of everything, explosive energy.

Top astrological fields in Aries and the position of Mars in the birth chart speak about the place of encouragement, initiative, and major conflicts and disagreements.

It represents the blood, adrenaline and body wisdom. The shadow of his destruction, war, taking advantage of others to your advantage. You need to exercise diplomacy and tact. Mars and Sun are also associated with the heart, because the heart is speaking symbolically vitality, creativity, free will and the center of life.