Aries / Leo the characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant! (ASTRO)

This is a combination of two signs of fire that unite their forces in harmony and mutual understanding. These two temperaments are in perfect harmony. Aries is the sign of the primitive matter, wild and raw power; Leo is better organized, capable of strategies and plans for systematic, has a global vision of the world and synthetic spirit.

Attaches more importance to the hierarchy, management and prestige. His individualism is more ambitious, more general than Aries, self-centered. Aries Aries forces here transformed into a controlled and harnessed the power that will be used in a conscious way in order to satisfy their own ambitions. And just thanks to the influence of Leo, impulsive Aries will be turned into a refined personality and a true diplomat.

The combination of Aries – Aries is unsurpassed in action, strength, courage and organization. This is the very model of a hero, and social success. His enthusiasm, his mercy by predisposing to stand out in any domain. His natural authority and his graceful posture amazing and kept in power. Thanks to his energy, his neoklevanju, most agree with him.

This is usually secured personal success – such a generous person eventually becomes a winner and hates clearance poverty, lack of courage, and every form of servitude. Of this nature are particularly radiating something overwhelming, something triumphant; in any case it will tend toward authority, social status and career. Warm generosity does not tolerate fraud and deceit, betrayal, but it can not transgress the measure and not to be aware of the extent to which it can go.

The positive form size, self-mastery, life force, flexible dynamism, sensitivity which elevates the beauty, passion and spectacular extraversion, self-confidence and trust – virtues which are collected and make a strong personality who is able to channel all resistance and that from them capitalize on the realization of his ambitions …

– Strong personality and you effortlessly dominate over others. You are honest and direct, romantic and idealistic, and yet, if you have not mastered the lesson of generosity can sometimes be egotistical, stubborn and undisciplined. By nature egocentric and proud, you know how you finish, you are social, esthete, in a word, creative.

You are very fastidious about any election to be done. Calling for full and cultivate certain principles and mediocrity you pretty sad. Ambitious you are, your goals must be elevated. Your presence is felt in every situation, in everything you do you are dramatic and love that you project to the audience. Your negative traits: badly placed and managed pride.

You have the attitude, magnetism, ask a lot from others but from themselves. Normally, in life we ​​will not all go smoothly; Some problems can not be avoided. Take care of your pride that will urge you to convince yourself that you are invincible. You are very noble, without looking for something in return, or respond painful when you are disappointed and scams that they have provided all their understanding and support …