Aries likes domination, shrimps are GUNĐALICE Thus behave zodiac signs MARRIED

Although we are all individuals for themselves, with different behavior patterns, but every zodiac sign has something that its common making it recognizable.

If you want to know how someone will be when you sail into the port of marriage, just find his / her character and see what awaits you.

Aries (21.3.- 20.4.)
ON – The representatives of your characters have nothing against marriage, though contrary to weigh egocentručnu person, you love the feeling of security that your marriage provides. Men Aries usually chooses a woman who he can impress in every way, and yet he is dominant. Aries chooses beautiful, successful but not overly ambicozne women. Marriage for him is not an adventure than a decision about which well consider before you bring it. Bother though perhaps not satisfied that the marriage survive.

ONA – may have several marriages for her marriage is an adventure but well chooses who to marry. Her partner has to be successful, it uses more common sense than the heart and the greatest aphrodisiac for a woman Aries is a successful man. He’s trying to give the impression of perfect women, although it is too passionate to resist Frelt and different challenges. He loves children, it is able to organize family life but she tries to always leave enough time for her personal interests.

BIK (21.4.-21.5.)
ON – One of the most passionate but also the slowest men in the horoscope may be very young, wish to enter into marriage if she feels untrammeled and when the wife takes care of everything, it will be almost perfect husband, especially if it is the right type of Taurus host. He likes to go out more often alone than with her husband and loves male society. He’s better with age, so be careful on it because women find it extremely charming and charismatic and that he was probably a lot and do not bother to leave that impression.

SHE – Ni Taurus wife is not one of those women that recognize the year so i should watch it. One of the most beautiful women in the zodiac is trying to remain still, not only beautiful and desirable as mates but primarily for myself and for others. A good organizer, a good housewife, practical and emotional, a good mother, but never loses sight of that woman in the first place. Manages to keep a marriage even in the position of a lot of yarn that would, if nothing else left semblance of harmonious family.

Gemini (22.5.- 21.6.)
ON – Infinitely charming, perfect son, boyfriend, brother, friend, and as a husband is a bit erratic, except when it is not rising in Capricorn or Taurus. With him was never bored on a woman’s best friend and primarily minds very much appreciate her career, her success, does not like too much romance. His rule was married – “No sputavaj me, I will not hinder you.” For him to be careful, you never know where and with whom he still has a “logical” explanations.

ONA – very she cares about security and marriage even though it might not show. Before marriage Drusti and very mischievous in marriage can be very much calm and be committed to your partner. A bit naive, confident that she will be the main married, but as a rule, chooses the dominant men who find a way to fight for their freedom. If it’s not enough to be wise too late to discover that her beloved is not as ideal as her at marriage seemed.

CANCER (21.6. – 22.7.)
ON – Applies to the right of the host as it is, but only until a real barbecue. Always likes to look to the side and remains a big boy. Only when a woman enters the marriage he realized that he was not so ready to take an active role in any sphere of life. Too cuddly, slow and somewhat lazy, hedonistic, perhaps even greater than the Taurus does not allow himself to be married in any way changed. He enters into a marriage that would have been better not to have to take account of a number of practical problems. That leaves his wife with pleasure.

ONA – Most women Rakova marriage is imperative so they can young people to enter into marriage, which then becomes quite burdensome for them because they do not like a lot of obligations. IEMS wife, too eager for attention, romance and great hedonist to all what marriage and life carry him endured without complaint. No divorce is easy, but loves himself the most, and if the marriage is too limiting, no matter how many years you have, leave the partner. The good housewife and mother, even a good friend of her ex-husband.

LAV (23.7.-22.8.)
ON – I do not even know what he wants. At times it seems that never in marriage will not come in, watching the last of his friends and mostly he does not like it, trying to keep the boy, freelance, or does not like loneliness is not routine. In the end he ends up next dominant, capable, attractive to successful women, and realized that it’s not so bad. As the father of the children can hardly be an authority because he is the biggest child in the home. Tends to flirt, it’s hard to be just to engage in something more serious than that.

ONA – active, capable, confident, ready to enter into marriage and the bride and repeatedly if necessary, for it has no barriers. Although it seems self-centered, however, when deciding on marriage, then it is a priority for her excellent and is a wife and mother. He manages to take care of everything, ladies, housewives, business women, fatal zavodnica.Suprugu is the ideal partner, but only managed to deal with his career, it encourages the whole, has energy to spare.

VIRGO (23.8. – 22.9.)
ON One of those that every mother wanted to zeta until he went into the family. I still charm, friendly, everyone loves him or his wife at least notes. She somehow implies a mostly very wisely and intuitively selects the one that will not soon realize that she fell into the trap of his charm that married hardly notices. Excellent host, knows all to do the best in everything to her husband sometimes wonders if she ever needed in the home.

ONA – Main “martyrs” of the zodiac as the good daughter, well-bred, enters into a marriage with a number of ideals and romantic notion of marriage that her opportunity becomes tiring job. She will never prove to be dissatisfied, suspicious that the feeling that not enough loved, respected, but everyone will notice that the marriage has changed. He managed to keep his peace of mind because the marriage matures and becomes determined, over the years many of the dominant wife.

LIBRA (23.9. – 22.10.)
ON – As has one face to the world, the other for their loved ones with himself does not want to face, gentleman at heart, a romantic who do not exhibit, forever wondering how to win the one that he likes. Rado to enter into marriage or not to opt for this because it seems none of them ideal. Bira though intellect rather than the heart, the wife has to be sober, practical spirit and anything but jealous. Wants a passionate wife nevertheless opts for a quieter option, loyal and affectionate.

ONA – charming, amorous, insufficiently tolerant, self-centered, they will not suffer what bothers her. It is important to never lose their personal dignity nor likes to sacrifice anything for anyone but not for the one who is married. Gives him know that lady and that chores have to be done by somebody else, not willingly approached the stove, a dressing table. Over the years, all younger and more beautiful, does not give up all her life brings, from flirting to adventure.

ŠKORIIJA (23.10.- 11.22.)
ON – There is hardly a Scorpio who is not married, perhaps even young. He loves marriage, love is love, loves women and he loves to love, whether in or out of wedlock. His discerning eye nothing to promote but also very wise to choose one that will put on many issues, very nice suit. The passion and marital relations with him are not necessarily synonymous, he always has some in reserve, one loves, lives with another third of the imagination. However, the price of a wife and does everything to make her life with him was comfortable.

ONA – There are many opportunities to marry and when they decide it’s a common sense than the heart, although the sea to the wife to feel physical attraction. Maximum tolerable as long as it respected. Supporting that if you do not get enough love, attention and respect go on, perhaps not for marriage but energetic and emotionally moving away from her husband, so that he feels punished. Excellent “player” who managed to devise your life when you are happy and when it is not. Devoted mother.

SCORER (21.11.- 12.21.)
ON – Following him registrars should not exist, he would prefer to live in a hippie commune, does not recognize any conventional relations or if he thought marriage would be for him a new adventure, or a partner’s expected of him, he’ll do it ” for her”. In fact it is quite a nice married because not letting anything disturb the plans. He is ready to negotiate a generally goes as he wishes. Flirting and after entering into a marriage or is pleasant to be with him in the company.

ONA – No it is nothing serious as it enters from the passions truly loves the person you are marrying, with her no calculations and therefore will not be willing to compromise if it feels that her wounded dignity. It is expected to continue the romance in marriage and if that was gone, he really will make sure that marriage is not monotonous. The great support partner when it comes to his career, even she was the one on many issues, the main role.

CAPRICORN (22.12.-20.1)
ON – The real tip loyal, loyal wife and the host does not give up easily romance that if the marriage does not, will manage. Most representatives of this sign knows how to design your life both in marriage and outside it. He’s a man of his career, would not allow him anything distort the image. Not too soft is not required but most representatives of this sign are still patriarchal and possessive and choose a wife who dominates the silent mode.

ONA – Nearly perfect when you would not be inclined to exaggerated expectations and when not constantly sought attention. Do not agree to prosaic life, the daily routine, although operating business, cold and reserved, hiding passion behind the mask of apparent indifference. Over time the marriage matures and seeks to partner gets what he wants: the tenderness and attention. This happens mostly too late or never, romance can easily look up and to the side. Wife’s best friend, as a mother too lenient.

AQUARIUS (21.1.-19.2.)
ON – claims that no one ever will “catch” for marriage and has at least two or three times that he does not know how it happened. If no parallel bar following some sympathy, his wife can be happy. With him, though unpredictable, easily communicate if you never completely honest. Those who Aquarius reveal their weak spot can count on her to be interesting. Aquarius likes mysteries and mysterious woman and you’re away from it you have to tease him, and it is in marriage difficult to achieve.

ONA – full understanding, a great friend, a great mother and a great woman, fails to impress fatal seductress matter how much she was in love. She does not hide how much she cared about or partners and does not hide when she’s nervous, moody, suspicious, it is more or less an open book, why should well watch out for who is getting married, preferably to someone who has dedicated his career peak. It is not true to the type of woman and it does not cover, or more to the story than what he’s doing so leaves room for doubt when there is no reason.

FISH (20.2.- 20.3.)
ON – Romantic enthusiast who generally marry young. Ready to be what was expected of him, but his soul is not old it does not ripen in a marriage, it remains what it is and that is the eternal love with a boy. Since loves mystery woman, impossible love, marriage is a fair and excitement can look elsewhere. However, it is important to him that his wife suspects nothing and to provide it with the maximum of respect and the illusion that it is the only one.

ONA – There are at least two marriages and a few love. It is possible that a marriage has a rather complicated love life, young men start their life together but leave a partner, come back to him, until he realizes what he really wants. She needs a stable, mostly older partners but it happens to be with her much younger because it is interesting, as long as it lasts. Likes stable men as well as non-permanent ones, loves children, home is always full of friends and she quite disorganized and charming.