Aries man-soldier two opposites!

Name of the map: Aries (Aries)
Description of the map: soldier two opposites
Characteristics: Man Aries has two extremes, extremely romantic and extremely uninterested. Both extremes are integral parts of his behavior.

Creative is honest, unpredictable, proud, youthful. Much is expected from the relationship in which it is. It is loyal and flexible, but not from those who would maintain the connection devices. After all, a lifetime has to find someone better.

I do not care about the competition, because it is convinced that it does. What’s more, a little competition comes in handy as a pastime in this regard. Difficult admits that he was wrong, because he believes he’s smarter than other people. He does not like limits, or impose them happy; in the context of a natural law which requires that rules must be respected … but it does not apply to him.

Of the women expected to be independent, or less independent of him. The conflict is extremely arrogant and out all the stops to win.

It will easily happen to get into flirting, which will be called chatter, however, will have to understand if it works and his partner. Interestingly, however, it will not show, because love is sometimes a matter of pride.